Dazzling Cafe, Singapore : Featuring Truffles Risotto to Die For (Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly)

The new Capitol theatres opposite City Hall has been revamped along with the new construction of the 4-storey mall, Capitol Piazza, an upscale and luxurious shopping mall with high-end cafes, restaurants and boutiques. You will feel that sense of opulence and that luxurious vibe the moment you stepped into the mall. It was quiet when all the shops aren’t fully open yet but now, it has attracted a dazzling foodie crowd at its Dazzling Cafe. But the crowd is pretty okay, as compared to Raffles City Shopping Centre. I just hope that it doesn’t get too crowded and busy. We need some space too!
We were here for a special occasion and it is one of the best choices we’ve made to have our celebratory dinner here where the ambience, food and service are commendable.
I’ve read reviews on this cafe where all the hype goes to their honey toast and waffles. They piled up their honey toast with a mountain of ice cream and drizzle it with sweet sauce to make it look like a dessert masterpiece to send everyone salivating and licking their lips. Some foodies mentioned that it was overrated while others say it was worth the try. But you won’t know till you are there right?
It was a Friday evening at about 6.30pm and there was already a queue forming at the restaurant’s entrance. We waited for about 20 to 30 minutes or so before we were called upon to our table with well-cushioned seats and elegant cushions to cushion your back. Having comfy seating is definitely a plus for a restaurant or cafe! If you are lucky, you might get a table with bunny-ear chairs that made you looked like you’ve cute bunny ears sprouting from your head.
The setting has a European theme with a cosy faux fireplace and an Eiffel Tower display stand that eludes a romantic feel.
And here comes the tough part which all diners faced. What to order? Here are some of my recommendations. These are the dishes we’ve tried and we were very impressed with their mains.
1) Dazzling Classic Honey Toast
2) Truffle Mushroom Risotto with freshly shaved truffles
3) Mushroom and Zucchini Fettuccine (vegetarian)
Thumbs up for labeling the vegetarian options in the menu! This is certainly a vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Approve 🙂
We bought a Groupon deal so we definitely spent less than the actual total cost of the dishes we ordered. The average price of a main is about $15 to $20. The same goes for their desserts too.
We ordered a classic Earl Grey tea and Rosemary orange tea that comes in a pot. This isn’t your typical tea bags kind of tea. They were freshly brewed tea and it was so fragrant! I had the Rosemary orange tea which has this slight tinge of sweetness. Love it!
There are only a couple of vegan-friendly dishes so I went with the mushroom and zucchini fettuccine. Perhaps the selection of vegetarian meals is limited but at the very least, their vegetarian pasta was delectable.The pasta was cooked to al dente and it was chewy to bite into. Perfect! The taste was exceptional. It was definitely comparable to those fine dining restaurant standard.
My other half ordered the Truffle mushroom risotto was absolutely divine. It made me hop right out of my seat because it was so exquisitely cooked and enticing. I am going to come back for you again, Truffle Risotto!
Dinner ended on a sweet note with Dazzling’s Classic toast. It was nothing too over the top as it is just vanilla ice cream on buttered honey toast. It just looks too presentable that you don’t feel like deconstructing it with your cutlery. The idea here is to pair the toasted bread chunks with some ice cream and honey.  It is good but its overpowering sweetness just kills it. Maybe if they pair it with something savoury like biscuits would be a great away to balance out the sweetness.
Let’s end it here. Short and sweet. Desserts here aren’t really my thing but I will be back for their pasta and risotto. I would love to meet the chef behind the mains too. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Dazzling Cafe 
15 Stamford Rd
Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178906

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