ErucA エル―カ: Enjoy the Blessings of Nature

The world has suddenly come to this realization that the secret to true beauty lies in nature itself. We have all along been blessed by this earth which has provided us with what we truly need. More beauty companies and tapping on the potent extracts from nature. Even like Japanese hair care brand, ErucA is tapping on it by infusing botanical oil into their shampoo and conditioner formula. They extracted the seed oil from broccoli, cowberry, bilberry and milk thistle which are the hallmark of this moisturizing and shine-inducing hair product formula they’ve got. Their formula also contains other rich botanically-sourced oils such as argan, virgin prune and marula oil, which helps rejuvenate tired tresses.
ErucA has got three ranges to choose from.
1) Moist and Repair
2) 3D Volume up
3) Scalp and Volume
Some likeable traits of ErucA products in general.
  • It contains no surfactants, mineral oils or artificial colourings.
  • Relying on the power of 12 different botanical oils to make the hair shine
  • It smells so beautiful! The floral fragrance would linger in your hair.
Moist and Repair collection helps restore water and oil balance in your hair and scalp for frizz-free hair. But to me, this is more of a hair shampoo. With the infusion of the botanical oils, the shampoo smells really nice.
The shampoo has a clear formula and all you will need is about one pump of the product for a good hair wash.  This range helps to restore water and oil balances in your hair and scalp for frizz-free hair.
The 3D volume up is a silicon-free formula that cares for your hair and scalp. It contains volumizing ingredient that creates volume from your roots. The botanical oil extracted from broccoli seed and cranberry seed help moisturize and cleanse both hair and scalp.
The bigger bottle from this range is the extra volume up shampoo while the other smaller bottle is a no-rinse hair treatment foam. The hair treatment foam is more of a styling product which you apply unto your hair from the roots to the tips and then blow-dry and style your hair to achieve the voluminous hairdo. It is interesting that this hair style product not only styles but also helps to treat your hair at the same time.
Scalp and Volume collection is suitable for those with hair and scalp problems. It repairs the scalp and alleviate common scalp problems like itchiness and dandruff. It contains moisturizing hyaluronic acid, cowberry seed oil and billberry seed oil to help restore the balance to your scalp.This series comes with a hair treatment mask where you can use it for about 2 to 3 times a week.
Where To Buy: Guardian, Tokyu Hands and Maimee’s Corner (
Retail Price: $18.90 – $22.90
All products are made in Japan
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