Is McDonalds Catching Up with the Clean Eating Trend?

Surprise, surprise! Most definitely.
I swear I haven’t eaten a string of McDonalds Fry or a morsel of their burgers till recently. With the new launch of the new menu items, I had the opportunity to taste them and at the same time, I was curious to find out how much McDonalds has revamped itself over these couple of years (since I started to make wise food choices.)
Yes, indeed, Macs has taken big steps to ensure their fries are cooked with sunflower oil of a lower saturated fat and even listing down the calories of each food item in the menu. Now, the fries tasted slightly different. I think they have even change the type of potatoes and ingredients they used. Have you noticed that too?
I was given coupons to redeem for each new menu items and they are : Truffle fries, Clubhouse Beef burger, Clubhouse Chicken Burger, Red Velvet McFlurry and Coke Float. Needless to say, the red velvet oreo and coke float is downright sinful. These are the food which you want to eat once in a blue moon.
The idea of McFlurry is pretty cool! I used to love it as a kid. The oreo crunchy bits are the highlight in the McFlurry. Even with the addition of red velvet flavouring powder, the McFlurry still tasted like vanilla ice cream blended with oreo bits. But it does add some festive food to Christmas!
Wow, they have really gone up a notch with this queue number system that probably brings up their level of efficiency. I guess that is why Singapore adores McDonalds? It seems like there always a queue at Macs.
What really surprises me on their new menu is their clubhouse burgers!
I noticed that these clubhouse burgers are assembled on the spot by the kitchen assistants which they layered the burger patty with lettuce, tomato, relish, cheese and bacon. I ain’t sure whether the glazed buns they used is the same across all burgers but I find that the buns were exceptionally soft.
That’s a pretty clean burger except for the slice of bacon sandwiched in between. I find it hard to chew them apart actually. If they have taken it out, it would be probably be placed under the list of ‘clean food’. No mayo and no other sauces. Just fresh lettuce, tomatoes and caramelized onions to make the burger tasty. I’m impressed! That’s the way to go Mac!
On a separate occasion, I had another MacDonald meal with my partner. Like everyone else, I was excited to try the truffle-flavoured shaker fries. To be honest, the flavour of truffles is difficult to recreate. The truffle seasoning coated fries tasted more like sour cream and onion chips minus the sourish taste. It is tasty but it just doesn’t taste like fries coated with truffle oil. It is a good attempt of MacDonalds to keep up with the food trend with all these new menu items though.
As for the coke float, I thought they should have came up with this menu item long time ago! Yes, I guess it is about time they appear.
I would think that McDonalds is riding on the clean eating trend. They even highlighted whether the food item is gluten free or soy free. Now that consumers are more knowledgeable about what goes into their food and I am glad McDonalds as taken the step to inform consumers of what they are eating. I really hope Macs would be able to have vegetarian and vegan-friendly food items on their menu one day! When the day comes, it would be a green revolution.

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