Moving Towards Paradise : Creating Heaven Right Here On This Planet

It was just a few days back when I tried to lift my heavy eyelids to see what’s on my handphone screen. I was just doing the usual morning routine of scrolling through my social media website for updates while lying on the bed then I saw this facebook feed that caught my eye.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter, Max was born that day. He and his wife wrote a letter to their baby daughter to express how much love and dedication they would devote to her as well as to the rest of the world. Does it seems like a surprise to you? It sure is.

When I read the first half of the letter, I just thought that Mark just expressing his gratitude for having her daughter but it was more than that. The crux of this well-crafted letter, for most of us, is the fact that they are contributing 99% of their Facebook shares (worth $45 billion dollars) to THE WORLD. Yes, to the world. Before you go like, ‘Awesome, Mark Zuckerberg! You have such magnanimous heart. That’s like giving all your riches away.’ True enough, to simply hear the smartest, luckiest and one of the richest man who started Facebook pledging to donate so much to the world, it is true admirable. Isn’t it wonderful to hear such an individual who heard the cries of the sick and the poor to stand up and do something about it? But some issues highlighted in the letter did stirred up my heart.

Wait a minute. Health is improving? This is quite controversial as people are getting diseases due to our hectic lifestyle, polluted environment and processed food dusted with artificial ingredients. And poverty is shrinking? Perhaps so but the disparity in incomes is widening. But it is undeniably true when the letter mentions that knowledge is growing thanks to Google and Facebook. And what else is improving? Humans are getting more humane. If you single out the issues of war, conflict and terrorism, you will start to witness how individuals take the first step to show kindness to one another. Kindness breeds kindness. And Mark, perhaps Max could be the great example to the world of being the daughter of a kind man like yourself.

I really hope that Mark isn’t going to invest in medical research to seek for cures because it would have been a waste of money. Medicine is only a temporary antidote and in most cases, it causes the body more harm than good. Rather, I hope more investments could be made in promoting healthy eating. Cut down meat consumption, stop the slaughtering animals in inhuman ways and eat greens and fruits because this is how diseases and other illnesses could be prevented. We don’t exactly need to spend millions on finding the next cure for cancer. We cannot lose heart and we need to be patient.

In Mark’s letter, he also mentioned about his hopes for the future generation: to advance human potential and promote equality. This two key ideas were also reflected in David Wolfe’s video on ‘Vision of Paradise’. Both dreams of the better world are in sync. More people would be able to fulfill their mission and passion and getting rid of the problems the world faces today so that each and everyone of us lead fulfilling lives. Talking about utopia, somehow this ideal didn’t seem pretty out of reach anymore. I have a sense that the time is about to come where this vision is slowly becoming a reality we stood together as one. The future seems promising.

Mark, you’ve turned the world to look upon Max. Thank you for bringing this world to the max.

Mission: Paradise
Vision Of Paradise – David WolfeHow does this sound to you?
Posted by David Wolfe on Sunday, 6 December 2015

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