Talika + Tara Bliss : My Skin is Hungry for Oxygen


A pampering treat is all you need this festive season. In fact, I was even thinking about purchasing a facial voucher as a christmas gift for someone! The spa experience is perfect for those individuals who value experiences more than tangible things. I am one of them.

I was invited by Talika for a facial treatment at Tara Bliss. It is indeed a true bliss to get my treatment done there. Tara Bliss is located at Chan Brothers Building which is a stone throw away from Bugis MRT. They provide spa treatments from facials, slimming treatments to body massages.


The rooms were spacious! And I felt an immediate sense of tranquillity the moment I walked into the treatment rooms which had flower petals and candles sitting on a balinese sarong on the bed.


After examining my skin condition, the esthetician recommended the OxyHydrate Radiance Treatment therapy that requires the use of medical-grade machines during the treatment. During the treatment, I had pure oxygen blast into my skin and that’s the best feeling ever! It’s like feeding oxygen into my every skin cell. I could literally felt my skin breathing normally again.


What is really interesting about this treatment is the inhalation of oxygen done when the mask is applied. It is for detoxification and I felt great just inhaling the cooling pure oxygen. It is one of the most enjoyable facial treatments I’ve done so far.


At Tara Bliss, they carry Talika products, Bee Bio and Pupa make-up products as well. All these high quality skincare products could be purchased directly there as well.


I was also given Talika’s Lash Conditioning Cleanser and Talika Eyebrow Liposourcils Expert for the brows to review. I wasn’t new to Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser as I’ve used it previously and love it! It not only removes eye makeup effectively but also nourish and conditions the lashes. It is one of the best eyelash makeup remover I’ve used because it strips the mascara off in the most gentle ways.


The formula for the Lash Conditioning Cleanser is thick and not watery. So you will only need about one drop (one pump) to remove any makeup on the eyelashes. Depending on how heavy is the makeup, you might require a little more of the product. With this conditioning cleanser, it really conditions the lashes and prevent it from going brittle. This product would be suitable for those who often go for eyelash perming.


After applying the Eyebrow lipocils expert for 3 days, I noticed that my eyebrow turned darker. Not sure if the hair at my eyebrow become thicker or more hair has grown but it manages to fill up those gaps in my brows. I naturally have fast-growing brows which are usually very thick so this product probably speeds up the growth of the hair brow. If you have sparse eyebrow, you might want to give it a try!


The Eyebrow lipocils consists of an active complex of 13 plant ingredients which helps to stimulate natural brow growth, strengthen eyebrow at the root and limits hairloss. It also boosts melanin production which darkens the brows. The expert anti-aging peptide found in the serum also strengthens eyebrow anchorage and improves the skin quality around the hair bulb. No wonder it is called the eyebrow expert!

I also use it to coat my lashes to nourish and condition them too! Take care of your brows, ladies ( and ah-hem, men) because it really frames your eyes!

TARA Bliss
452 North Bridge Road
Chan Brothers Building
Singapore 188733

Tel: 6336 9274

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