Canon PowerShot G16 Digital Camera Review

I was over the moon when this camera came into my life. Shooting with a DSLR was awesome but it’s too bulky to carry around especially when travelling. The perks of generating DSLR quality photos do comes with a price to pay. If you do not store them properly in dry boxes, then the lens turn mouldy over time. Sending them for cleaning services can cost up to a couple hundreds of dollars!

What’s the ultimate solution?

Get a point-and-shoot digital camera.

Preferably the latest and a high-end one for better quality of pictures. So far, I am pretty impress with this Canon Powershot G16. High quality HD videos that enable to shoot at 1920 X 1080i and great camera ability to shoot pictures that are as good as DSLR. This camera is also WIFI-enabled which allows you to upload photos and videos directly to YouTube, Flickr or Facebook. This is perfect for bloggers/vloggers who travels around alot and just needed a compact camera to capture high quality videos and images. It fits nicely into our purses and bags. Perfect.

The buttons and controls are pretty much similar to the Canon EOS 650D which I am currently using. But because I am so use to the touch screen feature of my 650D, I find myself tapping on my G16’s LCD screen – thinking that it has a touch screen feature too. It would be cool if G16 has a touch screen feature anyway. Maybe, G17 would have?


I have yet to explore the full capabilities of this camera but I have been using this to shoot my YouTube videos and it just makes the whole filming process so much easier!

Camera specifications (for camera dummies, like myself)

Pixels: 12 megapixels
Focal length : 28 – 140 mm
Optical Zoom :  5X
Storage types : SD / SDHC / SDXC
Format: MPEG-4


Apologies. This is not a thorough review as I’ve yet to fully explore the function of this camera but if you do have any questions, you can leave a comment right below!


I also bought a 64GB SD card for filming purposes for filming HD videos too. I bought it during the Popular Book Fair last year. I got it for a god deal at about $28.


The Canon G16 captures pretty good macro shots. Here’s a test shot of the Canon G16. I don’t know much about those reviews written by tech experts but I do know that this camera is a pretty good gadget that suits my lifestyle. I just couldn’t find any flaws or cons with this camera.


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