De Hair Worz: Say Hello to New, Clean and Healthy Scalp for 2016

I’m guilty of a few things. I am guilty that I placed so much attention on my skin, health and body that I neglected the string of dead cells sprouting from my head. Yes, I am talking about my hair which I thought there was no hope to it after it has been severely damaged through hair coloring.

Having hair clumps lying every where in my living space is nothing too peculiar because I’ve been shedding quite abit of hair since a few years back. After having embarking on this get-healthy-and-fit bandwagon, I decided to go au naturel and prefer not to go for hair coloring services unless it’s organic, natural and safe.

Although I’ve already stopped doing DIY hair coloring and switching sulphate-containing shampoos to sulphate-free shampoos, I am not quite content with my status quo because the truth is – my hair is still damaged and dry – getting it repaired will take months or maybe even a year.

But come 2016,  my hair rescue team from De Hair Worz would be helping me to salvage my damaged hair situations. I am just glad that they are not recommending me more chemical treatments but instead getting me to undergo their scalp therapy and hair treatment that uses machines and treatment products infused with natural ingredients to bring my scalp and hair to a healthy balance.

Am I ready for 2016?

I’m ever ready to achieve a healthier scalp!


De Hair Worz is new boutique hair salon hidden in Clementi West neighbourhood. Their hair services are reasonably priced. It is only a month’s old when I first made my visit there. It is not just a regular neighbourhood hair salon because they’ve got one special facility that sets them apart from other hair salons. Hidden behind their storefront is actually a hair spa room – a peaceful dungeon where you get to indulge in a blissful deep relaxation. Let’s not talk about those comfy and soft black arm chairs …


This hair spa room is where customers could get their hair and scalp treatments done in a conducive environment. Jasmine, the owner of De Hair Worz, shared with me that when your mind and body is calm and relax, the treatment products would be better absorbed into your scalp.

On my first visit, I did a scalp therapy treatment as I was facing mild hair loss condition and also itchiness on my scalp. Apparently, itchiness in scalp is a sign of an onset dandruff condition. Thank goodness I have my scalp treated because it cascaded into something much worse!

The whole treatment lasted about 60 minutes including wash and blow dry of the hair. It started with a scalp analysis where you get to examine your scalp and the tiny pores on your scalp. The biochemical make up of the scalp is pretty much to our skin. If the pores on your scalp is clogged, excess sebum will be trapped there and that’s when dandruff comes emerging and makes your hair tangled with white flakes. You wouldn’t want that to happen. Looking from the scan above, you can see that the pores are all clogged and there were also patches of redness. It does seems like my scalp is quite sensitive and dehydrated. The healthy scalp scenario is when the pores on your scalp are clean and enlarged, to allow new hair growth. As a matter of fact, I totally need to get rid of those stuff that plugs my scalp pores.


After the analysis, they massaged a treatment product to soothe and calm my scalp as it was still rather itchy. Then I did a oxygen spray treatment where they infused oxygen into my scalp to mainly hydrate my scalp and further nourish it. The whole treatment itself was very comfortable and relaxing.


After a good hair wash to cleanse my scalp, I proceeded with the next step of the treatment which is to get my hair and scalp placed under a visible blue light to soothe and calm the scalp.

I like that fact that there’s alot of privacy and comfort when you are doing your hair treatment in an enclosed space, away from the noisy and bustling part of the hair salon where you can hear the buzzing sound of hair dryers and other sounds from the environment. But here in this hair spa room, the noises are cut out and the ambience is perfect for a spa treatment. And this is De Hair Worz’s little secret garden.


That was the most comfortable armchair I’ve ever sat on… I could fall asleep on it within a minute.

Within an hour, I had my scalp treatment done. It’s fast but is it effective? Take a look the before and after photos taken during the treatment.



Saw those hair-cracked lines? Those are signs of dryness in the scalp!


You’ve seen this! My pores are all clogged up! No wonder my hair falls easily.



I was actually quite impressed because I’ve done other scalp treatments before at other salons but they usually take about 2 to 3 hours to treat the scalp. Though they might have more steps being done, but the results are pretty much similar. Even a few days after the treatment, I had less hair fall and my scalp itchiness was gone.


I am so glad that my scalp is slightly less red then and it looks clean and healthy. Now that my scalp is treated and cleansed, I guess the next crucial part is to maintain a clean and healthy scalp through the use of the right hair and scalp products. I was recommended to use some hair care products to improve my hair and scalp condition which I will show you in a bit at the end of this blog post.

Even stress levels, diet and sleep hours can play a part in changing your hair and scalp condition. One of my new year resolution is to have sufficient rest and sleep!


I decided to get my tresses trim for the New Year. A refreshing look or makeover will definitely make you feel like a new person – a rejuvenated and happier self.


I was pretty much satisfied with the overall haircut that was recommended to me. They also styled my hair to make it look polished and neat!


I am actually loving this lavender-scented shampoo that soothes my scalp and it isn’t too drying on my hair too.


I was also given these anti-dandruff shampoo to curb the itch on my scalp to prevent dandruff and to bring a healthy pH balance back to my scalp.

Come 2016, I am working towards a healthier scalp and hair.

Many thanks to De Hair Worz for all the care and attention given.

And just specially for you guys out there, De Hair Worz is offering a 50% off their hair and scalp treatments and an addition 10% off their hair cut services and other chemical treatments when you quote my name, ‘Deenise’. Their hair services are quite affordable too!

There are also offering a hair coloring treatment that is safe for pregnant women and elderly as the products consisted mainly of natural ingredients. It provides white and grey hair coverage too.

The Lunar New Year is coming! Vamped up your hairdo today!

Also, like their Facebook page and receive a $20 voucher from 1st Jan 2016 onwards!

De Hair Worz
Blk 725 Clementi West Street 2
Tel: +65 6873 0053

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