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From food, beauty and now household products and cleaning agents… if you want to go eco-friendly and be kind towards your environment, you now can so with so much ease these days.
My family has been using those supermarkets-sold detergents and laundry soap which is sold for probably less than $2 per bottle or pack. It is dirt cheap but also contains nasty chemicals that are good cleaning agents but are detrimental to the environment. These chemicals are mostly non-biodegradable and when they get released into our water bodies, they stay as it is – untouched and undestroyed – as water pollutants in the sea. Slowly but surely, I believe that we are able to do away with such chemical-laden products and turn to products that use natural plant-based ingredients that both safe to the environment and us humans.
I’ve been recently introduced to Ecostore‘s products where they offer a range of household cleaning products that uses sustainably-sourced plant and mineral based ingredients over petrochemicals. Like many others, I would think that such cleaning agents are probably functional but probably not as effective as those powerful cleaning agents out there but I guess I was proven outright wrong.
Only the ladies in my household did the dishes and washing of clothes (sad to say). I got my mum to use Ecostore Dishwash liquid (lemon) and asked her if she can provide me with some feedback. She mentioned that it has a mild natural fragrance that doesn’t quite last but it can effectively remove oil from surfaces of utensils instantly. It felt really ‘squeaky’ clean after washing the dishes when touched. More so, the product is produces less foam than ordinary dishwashing liquid, thus, resulting in lesser use of water for rinsing. But she said that it would be even better if they were contained in a bottle which has a pump for easy dispense of the product. I couldn’t agree more. When I first used it to wash the dishes, it removes the oil and dirt from the pots and dishes very quickly. It is also gentle to the skin which didn’t make the skin on my hands crinkle or dry. My mum always advocates that I do dishes with a pair of gloves on because ordinary detergents can easily strip off moisture from the skin but I guess with this eco-friendly dishwash liquid, I don’t have to rely on the gloves for protection.
Ecostore also have cleaning products for laundry like laundry liquids and fabric softener. I guess its biggest difference from ordinary laundry liquids is the fact that it doesn’t irritate the skin. If you developed rashes or suffer from eczema, it could sometimes be worsened due to the laundry liquid that is loaded with chemicals.
That’s impressive for an eco-friendly range of cleaning agents that works as well (if not better) than those products available in the market! It might more expensive than the ones sold in the supermarkets but it is more value for money in the long run in terms of health and wellness.
Ecostore products are now available at selected Cold Storage and Market Place in Singapore.

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