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Our little red dot is booming with more healthy snacking options with a variety of subscription boxes to choose from. Today, I am introducing Joy Pantry, an online food market that curates organic, gluten free and natural snacks that comes at affordable prices. Trust me, the prices of these gourmet snacks can be rather costly if you buy them separately at our local organic stores. I would say Joy Pantry is quite value for money as compared to other subscription box companies that also offer healthy snacks.
Some of these snacks are difficult to source for in Singapore as they are usually imported from overseas. So you get to try a variety of their gluten-free, non-GMO and organic snacks sourced from other countries.
And in terms of variety, they packed 8 different snacks in a box where other subscription boxes only limit their snacks to about 5 or 6 types. However, the portion sizes of each snack pack in the Joy pantry box is smaller.

Cripsy Green Cripsy Mangoes

These tasted like freeze-dried dehydrated mango chips! Yummy to the core!

Go Organic Assorted Fine Candies

It’s interesting for them to toss in some handful of candies but their ginger candies didn’t quite stand out for me.

Gourmet Creme De Pirouline Chocolate

I’ve never tried this natural and kosher artisan rolled wafer that is made with premium ingredients. Who would have thought that chocolate wafers could be made less sinful too?

Super Apple, Strawberry and Guave Fruit Blend

I call this baby food as I usually find them under the organic baby food section. It is pretty much like a blend of fruit purée which I guess it would entice toddlers more than adults to try it.

Eden Organic Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

I only came across Eden products on iHerb and perhaps a few other organic stores here in Singapore but I have yet to try their snacks. This spicy pumpkin seeds would be perfect for spicy-food lovers. It can be used as salad or noodle toppings too.

Pure organic banana coconut bar

It tasted very ‘coconutty’ (if there is even such a word!) and it can get quite overpowering. It is not to my liking but it tasted really natural as they are no other artificial flavorings or whatsoever.

Gullon DietNature Sugar Free Vanilla Wafers

I actually wish there are such sugar free snacks in our local supermarkets. It contains no artificial flavour and does not use high fructose corn syrup.
Last but not least, it’s Garden of Eatin Blue Chips Corn Tortilla! I finished this small packet of chips even before I took a photo of it. No chips would ever taste that awful, right?
And for $19.95 (per box), you get to enjoy 8 to 10 interesting healthy snacks in a box which is delivered to your door step every month. Delivery is free in Singapore. It is considered rather affordable for all these gourmet snacks which may not be available in Singapore. 
Hope over to Joy Pantry to add spruce up your pantry today!

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