I am more into fruits than cars and I wonder why men regards cars as their wives. Maybe there are more than just for transportation purposes. If diamonds are a woman’s best friend, then a car would qualify as a man’s best friend too.

Just a week ago, I joined thousands of motor enthusiasts, all in the name of fun, to check out all those gigantic luxurious things which I once used to play with when I was a kid. OK, I meant toy cars, literally.


While my other half was more into sports car, I was actually more into trucks. For some strange reasons, it pretty fun climbing up the truck just to get into the driver’s seat.


I thought I would probably spend up to about half an hour or so before I got bored but I ended up spending about 2 hours there – hopping in and out of the new cars. Oh yes, the car is certainly more than just a vehicle. It’s almost like your own private space where you can blast your favourite music, watch Netflix and drink some champagne while you are cruising on the road. It’s almost like this mobile personal room where you store almost everything you need when you are out. Because of that, the cars you’ve always wanted has got to be more spacious, sleek, chic and hi-tech.

Like this baby over right here. Touch screen monitors, leather seats with plenty of leg room.


You could probably say that all the luxurious car brands are gathered there at Singapore Motorshow 2016 that drew over 58,000 visitors.

Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Infiniti…


These newer models of cars are way too awesome and when it comes to more luxurious cars like Jaguar, you will see that distinct difference between luxurious brands and affordable brands like Mitsubishi and Honda.

I was a Mitsubishi kid – growing up with a Mitsubishi car which is owned by my Dad. They make great family-friendly cars.


There comes the most highly-priced cars that has flying doors like a batmobile. Too bad, you can’t get to crawl into the driver’s seat.


So my boo, Samuel also wasn’t very interested in cars to begin with but the more cars he hops into, the more excited he gets. Like a kid, he just wanted to try out EVERYTHING.

‘ Hey, shall we move on now?’

‘Wait! I wanna try getting on to this car.’



While we were moving from cars to cars, we also found out that there was car stunt performances held behind the exhibition halls but the queue was SO LONG! We queued twice for tickets but we didn’t manage to get it.


Look! Even a kiddo wishes to drive!


We also have a chance to meet Mediacorp artistes and radio deejays doing live broadcasts during the event itself.


It has been an eye-opening experience like all events I’ve been to. And maybe one day, I get to cruise on the roads and highways like I’ve always wanted to.

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