The Launch of My New App for Deenise Glitz!

A couple of years ago I was approached by a small local start-up that creates apps for companies. They sent me a proposal on a collaboration with bloggers where they would create apps for our blogs for free and in return, they would take in some of our earnings through the ads display. It sounds like an exciting project to begin with because there weren’t many blog apps back then and I wouldn’t mind having a company to create an app just for my blog for free, even if I am not earning a single cent for it. For I believe that reaching out to others and cultivating my passion is more important than monetization as I am not entirely depending on blogging for a living.

Sadly, a few months later, the company didn’t get back to me and I guess the plan has failed. I was tad disappointed that they didn’t took the pain to inform us that the proposal isn’t going to be fulfilled. But to my pleasant surprise, I received a proposal from Boom Network who asked me if I would like an app for my blog and I agreed without much hesitation.

At first, I thought it would just be another proposal that may not be actualized, just like the company deal I was offered. But Boom Network delivered what was proposed and finally, my blog app is up on iTunes!

Though I wouldn’t consider myself a popular blogger in the online scene, I knew this would serve as another platform for me to reach to a wider audience and hopefully, I am able to keep myself motivated to create more new content just for you.

So if you are following my blog for sometime, the good news is that you can finally download my blog app, Deenise Glitz, that allows you to read my blog posts and get my latest blog and YouTube Channel updates more so conveniently via your iPhone and iPad. It is a way of connecting with you, from various parts of the world. And I would really hope to hear from you if you have been following my blog closely as it is a form of support for me to keep writing, sharing and learning.

Maybe you are introverted, just like me but if you are reading this and have a thought to share, I would really love to hear from you either via email or the comment box below.

I am just really grateful to the universe on how much I’ve come so far. I guess I don’t have to measure my success based on the number of followers as to me, it should be based on the impact I’ve made in your lives – through one way or another.

I love all you guys and thank you once again!

Many thanks to Boom Network for this opportunity!

To download Deenise Glitz app, visit this link here or search for ‘deeniseglitz’ at iTunes.
My app is now available on Google Play! Click here to download!

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