Vitastiq – Your Personal Device for Vitamin and Mineral Status Check

If there is one health tool which I really need right now to keep my health in check,  it would a tool that can take measurements of my blood pressure, cholesterol level, essential vitamin and mineral levels without having to go for blood tests. I didn’t quite like the sight of needles and blood so if I can skip that, I would rather do so. 
Because now I am on a semi-vegetarian diet, I am also concern about whether I am getting sufficient vitamin B6 and iron so going for regular health checks is important but I tend to find it a hassle to make trips down to the clinic for a check. Having to wait for a couple of weeks before the health status report to churn out just makes this whole process cumbersome.
So, what if I told you that there’s finally a tool now that you can check your vitamin and mineral status right at home without going for blood tests? When I was first introduced to Vitastiq, I was like ‘Seriously?’ My brain shook when I got to know that this personal handheld device works with an app on your phone. I was amazed by how much technology and innovation is doing to help create better lives. It’s something that no one could ever imagine off and now it is really happening!
But first things first, how is this device going to work without measuring the vitamin and mineral levels in your blood? That’s the big question unanswered and I will reveal very soon. 
Here’s a little clue. It has got to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
But do bear in mind that this device only provides a status check and does not provide the exact measurements of your vitamin and mineral levels. 
Vitastiq comes in a flat box that comes with one Vitastiq device,  Vitastiq case, audio cable and user instructions. The device itself is made out of stainless steel and weighs only 60 grams. It runs on a lithium battery and looks just like a super thick pen.
To get it working, you will need to connect the device to your handphone through the smartphone’s audio port. Then download the free Vitastiq app which will start to record and track your vitamin and mineral status. And the whole process takes less than 3 minutes for you to check if your vitamin and minerals are at healthy levels.

This device is based on the Electro-acupuncture (EAV) methodology from TCM that was tested and proved by a team of medical doctors headed by Dr. Reinhard Voll. Yes, we are talking about the marriage between traditional knowledge and modern technology.

Do you know that the EAV methodology has been around for over 20 years? 
Source: Vitastiq website
Vitastiq uses this methodology to measure the electrical conductive of the acupuncture points on your body.  
When you download the app, you can sign up via your Facebook or Google account. Otherwise, you can sign up for a new account for yourself.

For more accurate measurements, it is crucial that your hands is cleaned with water and is free of lotions and other substances. Gently wipe clean the acupuncture points on your hand with a wet cotton pad. Clean the tip of the device with a wet cotton pad as well to remove any dirt.
Also for optimal measurement, do log off from any active apps in your smartphone as it might affect the reading.
The app itself provided clear instructions on how to use it so it is fool-proof except that it doesn’t tell you which hands to measure but I guess it would be your left hand, based on the images provided in the app.
When I was using it, I was uncertain of exactly which point to place the device tip but there are detailed descriptions which help you to locate the point. In the manual, it also states that you can move the tip slightly around till it measures the highest level of vitamin or mineral.
I did my first test and below is my vitamin and mineral status.
Interestingly, only my magnesium and biotin levels are good while the rest are reflected as high. Too much of a good thing is not good either. 
You can send the report via email to your inbox where you can view the results and read up on some advice the Vitastiq provides.

The app saves and evaluates your history of measurements so that you can keep track of your health progress. This is definitely a very intelligent tool!

And this is the advice they gave.
It seems like I need to lower my intake of almost every food.  Perhaps eating lesser?
 The results will also differ throughout the day so set a specific time through a day to take measurements for more reliable results.

For more accurate readings, you would also need to locate the right acupuncture points on your hand which requires some practice. There’s a series of tutorial videos which you might want to check out before using it!

Overall, I find this product useful for health-conscious individuals and elderly who needs to monitor their vitamin and mineral status. Especially, for vegans who might be deficient in Vitamin B6. And I really like the fact that it is painless and non-invasive! Also, you can check up to 30 vitamins and minerals! It is pretty comprehensive! This device can be used for more than one user too.

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