What if

What if I was a boy?
What if I was born elsewhere besides Singapore?
What if my parents were actors and actresses?
What if I was born in a rich family?
What if I had a svelte figure?
What if I was taller?
What if I start making YouTube videos way earlier?
What if I was a singer?
What if I am jobless right now?
What if I was sinless right from the day I was born?
What if I accepted Christ when I was much younger?

What if I can make a huge impact on this world?
What if I could get everyone to eat healthy with me?
What if I gain popularity on social media?
What if I could start up my own business?
What if I could turn Deenise Glitz into a fashion brand?
What if I could get married and migrate elsewhere?
What if I could master French and Japanese?
What if I could get married with my love one and start a family?
What if I could settle in a eco-friendly and energy-saving home?

What if the earth dies?
What if the trees all die?
What if everyone becomes sick?
What if there is no less fortunate people around?
What if there is no poor?
What if there is no zoo?
What if I leave this world?
What if the world ends?
What if God appears one day?
What if everything is just a dream?
What if this isn’t reality?

The power of ‘what if’s is an opportunity for you to turn it into reality. It branches out into several other possibilities for you to realize that there is no single pathway in every situation. It is also a reminder for yourself not to dwell in past or in opportunities that were thought to be missed. That’s because we are given each a brand new day to start anew. Every break of dawn is the beginning of a new page in the book. Unmarred and unscathed. It all belongs to you.

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