Yang Yang CNY Cookies

Chinese New Year is a celebration of time spent together as a family where everyone in the family would gather together for a reunion dinner and pay visits to relatives and friends. It is time of bonding over traditional Chinese New Year goodies like love letter, pineapple tarts, cookies and sweets. I used to remember how I am excited at the thought of eating home-baked goodies and chocolates at my relatives’ house.
For this Chinese New Year, I had Yang Yang cookies to feed my family and guests. Their cookies are based on Yang Yang’s collection of traditional Chinese cookies and pastries recipes passed down through the generations. The cookie recipes has been perfected over the generations and now it is ready to spread this ‘cookie goodness’ to others.
This Chinese New Year, Yang Yang has new cookies like Crunchy Peanut Cookie, Coconut Cookie and Chocolate Chip Cookie to offer. Their signature all-time favourites include the Pineapple Tarts, Green Pea Cookies, Almond Cookies, Kueh Bangkit, Dark Chocolate Cookie and our Kueh Lapis are also available.


I was new to Yang Yang and what really caught my eye was their vegetarian cookies like cornflake cookies and walnut cookies which doesn’t contain any milk or eggs. However, it isn’t entirely dairy-free as it contains butter which I felt it was an essential ingredient to give the cookies that nice homely aroma. I’ve tried the cornflakes cookies which really tasted like home-baked ones (though they are mass-produced) as each cookie is crunchy and carries a nice buttery aroma. 
Their premium green pea cookies is also an interesting cookie which I’ve tried for my very first time. It tasted like crushed green peas gelled together with flour. The green pea cookies are vegan-friendly as they contain no dairy products though. This is definitely a healthier option of cookies if you are looking for one that contains lower calories. 
Enjoy this joyous occasion with your loved ones!
Vegetarian Cornflake cookies : $15.80 (200grams)
Yang Yang cookies are available at:
· Takashimaya CNY Fair (B2 Atrium) 14 January – 6 February
· Vivo City CNY Fair (Level 1 outside Tangs) 19 January – 6 February
· Orchard Tangs Plaza (B2) 20 January – 6 February
You could also order online at www.yangyang.com.sg.

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