Beauty Stopover @ Palais Renaissance ft. Philips Kingsley, TOUCHE elite and Privé Clinic

There’s this whole stretch of shopping malls along Orchard Road that is constantly teeming with crowd. But there’s this other side of Orchard Road which is a little more exclusive which I like to explore because it’s like rough gem waiting to be polished and shine. There, you will find high-end boutiques, shopping malls and hotels where you can enjoy some personal freedom and space without being jolted by the crowds.
One of such malls you got to drop by is Palais Renaissance. It was my first time visiting this mall and it was nice to explore a non-cookie cutter mall that offers unique dining and retail options. I was there last weekend to check out renowned beauty centres where you can get your hair or beauty treatments done in a place which is away from the hustle and bustle. It is like going for a short retreat.

1. Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre

The first beauty stop was at Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre, a leading hair and scalp treatment centre that is a almost like a one-stop solution to most hair and scalp problems.


I was back there on a separate occasion and did my first hair and scalp treatment. It was about 2 hours long including consultation. I was still having problems with my oily scalp but I was relieve to know that some of these hair problems I am experiencing are reversible.


I had my hair and scalp treatment done simultaneously at the same time. This treatment is mainly targeted at cleansing my scalp. First, they applied a scalp cream on my scalp which has this tingly sensation. Then the sprayed Philip Kingsley Elasticizer onto my hair. It is actually a pre-shampoo intensive moisturizing treatment that delivers elasticity and bounce to the hair and hence the name. After which I had my hair steamed for 15 minutes before a relaxing scalp massage to ease the tension in the scalp. This is followed by an infra-red treatment that helps increase blood circulation.

After shampooing and conditioning, they sprayed a soothing lotion on my scalp and my scalp was subjected to infra-red light again before they blow dry my hair and call it done for the day!


My hair was also feeling smooth and shiny after the treatment. Even after the treatment, I noticed my hair in particularly is so much more manageable. There must be something special about that elasticizer.

Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre
Tel: 6834 0988
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 10.00am to 07.30pm
Sunday and Public Holidays: 11.00am to 06.30pm

2. TOUCHE Elite 

The next stop was TOUCHE Elite where we were warmly invited to take a tour around their medi-aesthetic centre. They have been around for more than 40 years and have garnered several awards for their own brand and treatments. They shared with us that they are crown the winner of the Best Youth-Boosting Facial awarded by Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore 2016.
You could almost tell how a beauty centre or salon regards and treats its customers through the tea or beverage they served. Was it home-brewed using fresh tea leaves or tea-bag quality tea? Those that made the effort to treat their customers as their priority would go all miles to ensure that everything, from the tea to decor of the treatment rooms is the best they could possibly offer. And here, I not only get to drink special-flavored tea but I also get to choose which tea I want to try! From that moment, I kind of knew that TOUCHE Elite is going to be somewhat different from other beauty centres.
This is one of their treatment rooms with the treatment bed placed at the centre of the room. Albeit small, but it isn’t too cramp and there’s cupboards to store your handbags.
For the interest of their customers, TOUCHE Elites has their own proprietary Medic-Aesthetic treatment protocols. C.S (Clinical Solution Skin) and Body system, which is developed by their own team of beauty qualify experts led by their co-founder, Dr Eileen Lee, is their very own medic-aesthetic treatment system that delivers ultimate results. Their skilled beauty specialists are all professionally-trained to conform to the renowned C.S Skin and Body System. They are further assessed by International Personnel Certification (IPEC) Bureau too. In addition, they only use products that are tested under stringent dermatological controls and standards which are approved by Singapore’s Healthy Science Authority.
Need I say more about this? I’m in total safe hands when I would make a trip back there for a facial treatment.
It’s amazing how they can partitioned walls to build so many rooms. They’ve got 2 consultation rooms there.
We weren’t there just for a tour around the facility because they threw in a hand wax treatment therapy for us! Just in time to smoothen out my calloused hands.
Happy cat paws.
In 15 minutes, we will reveal our silky smooth hands…
Meanwhile, we got to be entertain by the advances of their equipment which can turn an ultra-thin platinum wire to nano-particles that can penetrate through the skin so quickly. Each of us have some platinum-mixed serum rubbed on our hands too. These stuff are just too precious!
Tel: 6738 8441
Fax: 6738 8332
Opening Hours: Mondays – Fridays, 11am to 9pm, Saturdays and Sundays, 10am to 6pm
For more information on TOUCHE Elite, visit their following links:
Instagram: TOUCHEElite

3. Privé Clinic

Last but not least, we made it to the third stop at where things can pretty exciting! We get to watch how chin fillers is done and I get to enjoy an eye treatment which is probably the best solution to my tired droopy eyes.
Dr.Chua did a brief introduction of himself  and Privé Clinic. He also gave us this informative talk on the latest aesthetic procedures which I found them to be rather insightful and it did changed my perspective about the cosmetic procedures too which are so much less invasive now. The latest treatment is the dew drop skin booster that injects hyaluronic acid into the skin to plump up the skin moisture levels to give you that radiant and youthful glow.
Melissa from Passhen underwent the chin fillers and we all stood around to watch the procedure which lasted for about 15 minutes. It’s a quick fix to change your facial contours!
He shared with us that there are two types of fillers – hyaluronic acid (HA) and Radiesse. I was surprise to know that HA could also be used as a filler! This is probably the most natural substance to use as a filler as HA could also be found in our skin. But Melissa went with Radiesse which has this white paste-like texture. It was injected into her chin under the skillful hands of Dr.Chua. There were some blood oozing out as the needle piece through her skin but it stops bleeding once the nurse wipe it away with a gauze.
After injecting the fillers, the doctor mould and shape the fillers in her chin to a fixed shape. Then this is followed by a relaxing face massage to relax the facial muscles. The whole procedure would approximately take about 20 minutes to 30 minutes or so.
To be honest, the mere sight of blood still scares me! But after watching the whole procedure done, it looks quite alright. In fact, Melissa’s whole face shape looks elongated and slimmer after inserting the chin fillers. She mentioned that it was painless throughout because she had numbing cream on so there wasn’t much of a sensation.
Next, it was my turn to try the BTL Exilis Elite eye treatment. Although my treatment was pain-free and much less invasive, I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and I am a little machine-phobic, constantly worried about the negative consequences of the machine. What if the machine goes haywire and burnt my skin?
But I guess I was worrying too much because this 30 minute procedure was rather relaxing. The BTL Exilis Elite machine uses radio frequency to enhance natural collagen production around the eye area. And this really helps in lifting up my tired droopy eyes. It can sometimes get really hot even with the cooling gel but once it reaches to an unbearable temperature, you will just need to let the doctor know and she will add more cooling gel.
This eye treatment is actually a new scientifically proven and non-surgical procedure that will also help to reduce appearance of wrinkles and you can witness immediate effects just after one treatment. The skin around my eye area were tighten and the fine lines appeared less obvious. The eye lifting effect was quite prominent.
               There’s a little vanity corner for you to do touch up right after your treatments too!

The price of one-single Exilis Elite treatment is at S$321 (include GST). 
Quote “Blogger Deenise” to enjoy 10% off regular-priced treatments at Privé Aesthetics (Palais Renaissance outlet).

Call 6737 0755 (Palais Renaissance) to book your appointment now!
Privé Clinic
Tel: 6737 0755/ 9773 2677 (Palais Renaissance)
Prive Clinic Website:
Prive Clinic Twttier:

Looking beautiful isn’t that much of an arduous task when help is at hand. And there are just so many options to choose from. If you enjoy some privacy, Palais Renaissance is the place to visit. And after your beauty treatments, hop over to P.S cafe for a good meal.

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