Body Treatments Aren’t Just for Fat People

If you’ve been following my blog for quite some time, you’ll know that I’ve tried several body slimming treatments now. And it is true that I am constantly in seek of losing more kilos to get to my ideal weight and achieve that slim figure but slowly, I’m starting to discover the other side of slimming treatments. In fact, I am starting to see the therapeutic and health benefits of such slimming treatments with the use of machines.
I’ve tried using several slimming machines but I have not gone through the full cycle – some are effective and some were less obvious in terms of producing results. Nevertheless, I enjoy going for such treatments because I felt that body is starting to work at its optimum.
If you think about it this way, a healthy body with a good metabolic rate shouldn’t result in weight gain or water retention because it is able to regulate itself and achieve balance within. That is to say that I am not at my healthiest state now as I am still encountering such problems. And to achieve that good state of health, I believe in exercise, nutrition and if fast results is desired, body treatments is an option.
So the question is, are body treatments just for fat people?
Take for instance, exercise. Exercise is not a medicine or solution for overweight people but an essential activity for everyone. Slim people got to stay active and eat right in order to be in the best state of health. Likewise, healthy people needs to continue what they have been doing to maintain their weight. Once of they got off track, they got to exercise a little more, watch what they eat or even go for body treatments to sustain that level of health and wellness.
So, body treatments are for everyone who wants to see better results through a safe and efficient way. Thus, I always considered body slimming treatments as part of this body wellness program in ‘programming’ your body to function better which will eventually help in weight loss. And when you lose weight, you not only feel lighter but healthier and happier as an individual.
Before trying out all these slimming programmes, I used to think that body slimming treatments are for lazy people and for people who lost hope in exercising and nutrition. But it isn’t that case. There are much more benefits to these body slimming treatment that people do not really know.
I am glad to invited to Expressions to try out the Expressions VIP body systems treatment as I still wanted to get rid of some stubborn fats at my thigh area and arms. Also, I hope to tone up my body further with the combination of exercise and to get rid of water retention in my body.
The machine they use (as shown below) as two major features – the muscle firming and metabolic activator that is used to burn fat and increase metabolic rate. The activator releases infra-red light which penetrates into the skin deeper and this allows the tissue to be stimulated and thus resulting in greater blood circulation. The other is the electrode pads that sends electrical waves through the body which induces the bundle of muscles to contract. This enhance the energetic consumption and the eliminate the fluids in excess in the area.  So when I was on this machine, I felt a strong contraction in my stomach and thighs that come in a form of pulses.
One session of therapy is about 30 minutes and it is equivalent to 300 sit ups!
I’ve completed 3 sessions to so far and I am really loving the result especially after my second session. There was much noticeable changes after my first session but right after the second session, my tummy muscles felt tight and my legs looked less swollen.
The amount of current that flows through your body can be adjusted. Of course, the greater the current, the greater the muscle contraction which will lead to better results – more toned muscles and firmer skin. So this treatment not only help in weight loss but it tones the muscles, firms the skin, increase your metabolic rate (which I totally needed it!), improve blood circulation and reduce fluid retention. All these leads to an improvement in overall body health and wellness.
I also spend the next 30 minutes lying down while they used the machine on my arms to tone it up. Your muscles will be stretched through periods of muscle contraction and relaxation.
What I like about this treatment is that there isn’t much discomfort and it is also non-invasive. It is fast, safe and comfortable. I like to sneak in a quick nap during the treatment before I had out for events or to the gym for a work out session.
I doing this treatment about once every week and I really hope to see a healthier, sexier and confident me.
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