Sudio Vasa Bla: Bluetooth Earphones – No More Wires Getting Tangled


Bluetooth earphone is the new black. I call this the 21st century earphones that has finally evolve to a more innovative device. It isn’t just about the sound quality but it transformed earphones to this ‘wireless’ device that is not limited by its length of the earphone wire. That means you can still listen to Adele’s ‘Hello’ while standing on the other side of the house as long as you are within 10 metres of range.

Hands-free bluetooth ear piece isn’t something knew but it wasn’t invented for music junkies till the recent generation of bluetooth earphones that doesn’t compromise the sound quality. The latest Sudio earphones just beautifully integrated bluetooth functionality to their already excellent sound quality earphones. It doesn’t just bring music to your ears but it also has a remote and mic to answer phone calls.

The Sudio Vasa Bla is that one earphones you should get because it’s so much more compact than the long traditional earphones that always get tangled up in my hand bag. The new Sudio Vasa Bla measures only about 45 cm in length, from one ear bud to the other.

So much space and materials are now saved.


The classic Sudio packaging remains pretty much the same – sleek and stylish. It’s my third time unwrapping elegant designed Sudio boxes.

You can enjoy 8 hours of freedom without having to be really close to your phone or computer. (Yes, I have tried it with my Macbook and it works too but the bluetooth signal is not as strong.)
Pair up with your phone and take calls with the built in microphone and control your phone with the remote as you work your way into the kitchen as you prepare breakfast and answer phone calls at the same time. 


The Vasa Blå is compatible with all Bluetooth devices.


What’s in the box?
– Vasa Blå earphones with 4 pairs of extra sleeves 
– Owner’s Manual and Quality Assurance Card
– Genuine Leather Carrying Case
– Metal Clip
– Charging Cable
– Battery
Housing: Composite, Aluminum
Finish: High polished metal parts
Model: In-ear, Bluetooth 4.1
Weight: 14 grams (housing)
Range: 10 meters
Battery time: 8 hours (active), 10 days (standby)
Charging time: 10 minutes (quick), 120 minutes (full)

How to pair the earphone to your phone?
1. Turn off the bluetooth on your phone
2. Click the middle button on the remote and hold. The first blink of blue light indicates that it is now turned on. Continue to press and hold until you see the blue and red light flickers which indicates that  the earphones is on seeding mode.
3. Turn on the bluetooth in your phone.
4. Under bluetooth devices on your phone, you will see “Sudio Vasa Bla”. Click connect.

Your bluetooth earphones is ready to be used!

Once connected, the blue lights of the earphone remote will blink every 8 seconds or so. This indicates that the earphone is on bluetooth but the flickering of light can be somewhat irritating if it is within your sight.
In terms of sound quality, it is as good as Sudio VASA earphones and I find it really liberating to use it because I don’t have to untangle and coil up the wires after each use like I would use to with my previous earphones. In addition, the bluetooth pairing is pretty fast. The only inconvenience is probably the fact that you have to charge the earphones which takes about an hour to fully charged the batteries.

And I think these is an awesome gadget for busy business people, drivers and tech junkies who would truly appreciate the convenience of using bluetooth earphones allows them to multi-task more efficiently.

Want to get one for yourself or as a gift to others? Good news!

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Shipping is always free when you purchase through their website.

They apply a 14 days no questions asked return policy when you purchase through
Available at
Price: SGD $165 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. dudz says:

    I cant pair it with my macbook pro 13 inch

    1. Deenise Glitz says:

      Perhaps you can email Sudio and ask how to do the pairing though. As long as its blu-tooth enabled, it should be okay

  2. dudz says:

    is it compatible with macbook air

    1. Deenise Glitz says:

      Yes! It is compatible with Mac.

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