Theresa Beauty : Diamond Crystalline Therapy : How to Make You Skin Worth Like A Million Bucks

You have heard about how creative facial treatments can get – using various powerful active ingredients to achieve that luminous flawless skin. But the most expensive ingredient of all is probably diamond, a precious stone that gets all ladies beaming in delight.

When I heard about the new Diamond Crystalline Therapy treatment offered at Theresa Beauty, I thought it was another similar treatment I’ve tried elsewhere which involves diamond peel. But it isn’t. This time, they are ‘encrusting’ my skin with diamonds to make my skin worth like a million bucks.

Not to mention that that I was pampered as my facial treatment was done personally by Mdm Theresa Ong, the founder and managing director of Theresa Body Skin Wellness. In fact, Theresa beauty was a household beauty salon name in Singapore and it has been around for so many years! But it is only today that I’ve tried their facial treatments at this well-established and renown beauty salon which first started out in 1987 as a slimming beauty spa! 


Today, Theresa beauty is an organic slimming and beauty wellness center that has expanded across borders. It has 6 outlets in Singapore.  I likened the fact that they are strong advocates of the use of organic products to lose weight and to stay healthy.


But today I wasn’t there to try out their slimming treatments but a facial treatment which is popular among their regular clients. It is called the Diamond Crystalline therapy which involves the use of the diamond mask.

The mask itself consists of diamond powder and 32 anti-aging active ingredients that forms a nourishing blend of moisturizers, vitamins, and natural botanicals designed to enhance natural collagen and elastin production in your skin.

What does it feels like to have diamond infused right into your skin? I was at their JEM outlet to experience it all.


The current line of skincare products which is used at Theresa is Elements by Juliette Armand Skincare. And all the products were neatly displayed in the treatment room. It was neat, tidy and rather spacious. The way a beauty salon prepares their treatment room reflects a lot on their service attitude. If they want their customers to have the best treatment experience the each time they are here, they will ensure that the room looks aesthetically-pleasing to the eye, super clean and tidy. More importantly, it needs to look spacious and not crammed up so it doesn’t give us that ‘claustrophobic’ kind of feeling.

Magic Peel2

The current skin condition then was quite okay except that it looked uneven in skin tone and rough in texture as my skin was rather clogged. The acne problem which I once had has subsided so my only qualms where skin dehydration and dull skin tone.

So under the consultation of Mdm Theresa, my facial treatment was customized to suit my skin condition and the treatment ended of with the use of the spectacular diamond mask.


I did an enzyme mask to remove all the dead skin cells and debris. It reveals that new layer of skin that felt baby smooth. It really feels good to have those unwanted substance off my first. 
Applying Diamond mask
The following step is what makes my skin worth like a million bucks when all those Diamond nano-particles, which are chemically attach to active anti-aging ingredients, the vitamins, minerals and other components, penetrates deep into my skin.

When applied to the skin, the diamond mask does not have to be rinsed off. The nanoparticles in the diamond actually prolongs the life span of skin cells increasing its luminosity. Besides, 
diamonds are also biocompatible which means that they not harmful or toxic to any living tissue making it absolutely safe for the skin. I mean they are once from the earth too. So don’t worry about have diamond particles embedded in your skin. No thief or robber would know about it. All you get is just natural radiance in your skin. This is the safest way to safeguard your precious possessions.

with Madam Theresa Ong
Overall, I thoroughly enjoy my facial treatment done under the experienced hands of Mdm Theresa who also skillful in giving a good neck and shoulder massage too. I felt that my skin is instantly lifted and the skin tone looks so much more even. I have a couple more treatments with them and I can’t wait to show you guys how you can make your skin shine like bright a diamond.

Theresa Beauty 


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