A New Game Plan for Us on Instagrams : Why There’s A Reason For Us to Rejoice

While the world is fired up at Instagram for ditching their original chronological way of displaying Instagram feeds, I was lying in my bed with my Macbook thinking, ‘Yay! This is going to be interesting! A new game plan altogether!’

This news on Instagram changing its order of feeds using an algorithm that tries to work out what the user wants to see is everywhere on the web. It’s BIG news for advertisers, brands, and social media influencers because it will somewhat affect their number of likes on their posts. But for the rest of the world, everything is pretty much the same and it is unlikely that people will just boycott Instagram altogether. Unlike Facebook, at least Instagram has got the courtesy to inform the world but that aroused a lot of unnecessary reactions online. That’s totally human and I get it.

But to me, I would actually take that as an advantage for me to stay connected with you guys. Instead of having to schedule my posts (which I find it rather unnatural), I can posts my favourite pictures on Instagram anytime I want without having to worry if I am flooding your feed wall.

You don’t have to worry if your Instagram posts get drown out by the others and that we will receive fewer likes on your posts. If your posts are relevant and interests people, you will be in the lead.

The reason why Instagram is introducing this change is because they are now working with brands and advertisers on sponsored posts. You see to see all these sponsored posts popping out of nowhere only a few months back. With this new algorithm introduced, such sponsored posts will have a fair share of exposure on our wall. In other words, it just makes things so much easier for Instagram – jumble all the Instagram post together and ‘feed’ us based on what we like to see. Anyway, don’t we all already foresee that to happen anyway? It’s just part of this marketing ploy Instagram is playing.

Thus, there’s really no point trying to petition for a change. Instead, I urge you to play along with Instagram on this new algorithm and work around it to see how it can benefit you. And if you still don’t like this idea, just get your followers to turn on your post notifications by clicking on that three buttons. I personally wouldn’t want to turn on any notifications just yet as I would like to see how this new algorithm works on Instagram first. I say, let’s just wait and observe. Stay cool and calm. Think positive – a change isn’t always bad.

However, if you wish to follow me as you’ve always my posts pleasing to your eyes and inspiring, I will not forbid you to turn on the post notifications of my Instagram post. It would make my day know that others find a source of motivation in my work.



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Saw the three magical dots below? Click on it and you will see this…

But don’t click on ‘Report’! I almost click on that once by accident. Click ‘ Turn On Post Notifications’ so that you have given me the right to bug you all day.

I promise I will work hard in creating more yummy recipes.

Fingers cross.

It’s a new ballgame.


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