Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (TM) MyStamp Collection by Singapore Post and Warner Bros (includes Promotions and Prizes!)

I am not too sure if you are as excited as D.C superhero fans about the highly anticipated action adventure film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which is coming soon on 24 March but I know a lot of loyal D.C superhero fans do. Here’s something even more exciting for you interested fans out there!
In conjunction with the new release of this movie, Singapore Post (SingPost), in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products will be launching a limited edition MyStamp Collection on 24 March 2016. This would mark the two Super Heroes’ joint debut on the limited edition stamp collection!
A specially designed menu will also be available exclusively at DC COMICS SUPER HEROES CAFE. Fans can also look forward to winning movie tickets through contests from SingPost and DC COMICS SUPER HEROES CAFE.
Exciting News for D.C superhero fans!
1) Pop culture fans, stamp collectors, and movie buffs can look forward to a limited edition 12-page hardcover Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice MyStamp Collection ($69.90) that includes three souvenir stamp sheets and a retractable lanyard.

Credits: SingPost


From 24 March 2016, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice MyStamp Collection will be available for sale at all post offices, the DC COMICS SUPER HEROES CAFE, the Singapore Philatelic Museum and online at while supplies last.
In celebration of the launch of the sale of the MyStamp Collection, SingPost will be setting up an issuance date stamping booth with a special date stamp only available at DC COMICS SUPER HEROES CAFE on 24 March.
Credit: SingPost
2) Collectors can enjoy a promotional price of S$55.90, with a 20% savings, when they pre-order the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice MyStamp Book Collection from 11 to 23 March 2016 at
3) Other than the release of Signpost Batman V Superman stamp collection, there’s also something bubbling at DC COMICS SUPER HEROES CAFE at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The specially-themed menu was launched on 17 March and I get to taste some of the new menu items!
4) Dining there also has an extra perk for you fans out there. The first 500 diners who purchase items from the themed menu will each receive an exclusive set – consisting of two SingPost movie postcards and MyStamp pieces. DC COMICS SUPER HEROES CAFE will also be giving out a special movie-themed drink with every purchase of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeMyStamp Collection (S$69.90).
5) In addition, 20 lucky diners at the Café will win a pair of preview tickets to catch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on 23 March 2016, days before the film opens in cinemas. Terms and conditions apply.
6) SingPost customers who purchase the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice MyStamp Collection will also have a chance to enjoy the film. The first 50 SingPost customers who post their purchases online and share the contest details or product launch link with the hashtag #SPBATSUP via SingPost’s Facebook page (, will win a pair of movie passes.
There’s a lot of things going on at the same time to get you DC superhero fans out there even more excited about the new movie!


Nisha Heallmy from JT Network explains to us about DC COMICS SUPERHEROES CAFE’s upcoming menu!


Thumbs up for Chef Martin Woo for his exquisite menu creations for DC cafe!
Now, let’s about the food.
Let’s start with this rich fella.

Batman’s Wagyu Beef Jaw Burger ($31.90++)

This burger was inspired by the origins of Batman, a billionaire superhero who probably get to enjoy the finest things in life. The wagyu cheek patty, coated with melted Monterey Jack Cheese is sandwiched between the soft charcoal brioche. Right on top of the beef patty is a generous slab of foie gras butter and just beneath all those high-end ingredients are turkey bacon and a mixed of vegetables like tomato, butterhead lettuce, shaved cabbage and cucumber telegraph (slim cucumbers) topped with sesame dressing. It’s a super fat burger that it is so thick that I wouldn’t think the top burger bun slice would actually balance on top of the beef patty. In comparison with the previous Batman beef burger served at D.C cafe, this is the REAL Batman burger that is so tantalising that I’m salivating now as I am typing this article out. If you are male D.C fan, get this burger for sure.

Batman’s Truffle Pasta ($26.90++)

This is the popularised squid ink linguine drenched with Alba Truffle sauce and sautéed with Garlic White Shrimp Tail. This delicious pasta has shaved Parmigiano cheese sprinkled all over is my favourite out of the 4 new dishes introduced in their upcoming menu at D.C Cafe. The dish also comes with some arugula salad to balance out the creamiest of the pasta.
IMG_4828Superman, you’re up next!


Superman’s Free Range Chicken Burger ($27.90 ++)

Superman-inspired dishes are created in accordance to Superman’s humble beginnings. It is simple yet familiar to your taste buds. Talking about traditional American burgers, a must-have is some eggs, chicken and cheddar cheese. In this burger, they used free range chicken patty (chickens that have some freedom of roaming about) and topped with melted cheddar and sunny side up egg with Dukkah spice which is all packed neatly between the buttermilk brioche which tasted so soft and nice. An interesting twist to this burger is when the sweet aroma of peanut butter emerges out of the burger as you take a mouthful of it. In fact, I find that the peanut butter makes it more appetising and surprisingly, it blended pretty well with all the other flavourful ingredients stuff in the between the bun. On the side, there’s some freed and arugula salad drizzled with balsamic dressing.


Superman’s Pasta Crevettes Carbonara ($28.90 ++)

So as you can see, there’s one new burger and pasta for each superhero. If Superman were to eat his own version of Superman’s Pasta Crevettes Carbonara, he might rip off his Superman suit and  finished the whole plate of pasta before he goes back to hunt down those bad guys. I personally like the pasta creations better. This carbonara is no ordinary pasta because it has poached organic eggs, mentaiko cream, and red prawns. To gel everything together, the chef uses shave a Parmigiano. This pasta is made fit for the king. I will definitely come back for more and the price does justify its use of high-end ingredients.
There’re a few other new desserts to look out for too!
SINFUL treats… which can only be stomached by Batman himself. Why doesn’t he ever get fat?
Here’s our special treat in our media packs!
Batman or Superman? What say you?
Superhero fan spotted among media.IMG_4842

Having more fun with toys 🙂



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