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A good beauty salon would thrive to provide a unique experience for each of their customers – from the way they arrange their bedding to their room space and decor. I’ve frequented several beauty centres and salons as to-date and I do have a few favourites beauty salons which I would return for another round of facial treatments. One of such is D’Skin where I tried out their facial a year ago and was impressed by their expertise in skincare and facial displayed by their beauty therapists.
Just a few days back, I was there for a second visit and I am equally delighted with their facial treatment.
Before entering the treatment room, they did a simple skin analysis for me in order to find out the condition of my skin to customised a suitable treatment to treat my current skin conditions. It turns out that my skin hydration is pretty okay except my T-zone area which is slightly dehydrated. They also check for sebum levels and once again, my T-zone area is high on sebum. It did make sense since my T-zone area is dehydrated, the body will naturally compensate the dryness by producing more sebum to prevent skin dehydration but excess sebum caused pore blockage. Thus, I do have a couple of pimples on my face but nothing too major.
Their room is kept very clean and tidy. I also really like the fact that they placed a pillow for the legs to be rested upon so that it is much more comfortable to lie for long periods on the bed. A facial treatment typically takes about 2 hours so a comfortable bed is important.
I didn’t take many photos during facials because more than often, I am into this relaxed zone where I preferred to enjoy the sensations and comfort as the treatment is carried out. It is important to be calm and relaxed during facials because when your facial muscles and skin is more relaxed and less tense, it can absorb the products more readily which is why I find that facial massages should be included in facial treatments even if your sebaceous glands are too active and your skin is red from all the extractions, you can request for the therapist to massage the eye or neck area just to ease away all those tensions in your body. Some therapists avoid the massage step completely but I am glad that the therapists do provide facial massages just before applying the mask.
Extraction, which can be somewhat, torturing for some is carried out here although I do notice that there are a few salons who doesn’t do manual extraction but relies on machines to clean out the pores.  It has also started to get me thinking about manual extraction. It may seem like the best way to get rid of the blackheads but I believe that extractions should be done too thoroughly as it still causes some damages to the skin to some extent. So these days I like to request manual extractions to be done not too intensely and I also try to use products that soften the blackheads at home.
I did an oxygen infusion treatment where pure oxygen gas is blasted right into my skin and I felt this instant skin rejuvenation and awakening of my skin cells. This oxygen treatment increases hydration levels and boosts skin elasticity. I’ve done this treatment before and I find it really useful especially if you have dull-looking and dehydrated skin. The treatment is comfortable and very soothing as the high-pressure oxygen jet dispenses cool oxygen onto your skin. I enjoyed the glow on my skin right after the treatment where I felt that my skin was instantly plumped up with moisture.
They also used a device which emits light to enhance collagen production in the skin. I couldn’t remember what was the name of the handheld device but it was painless and there is no downtime. It was probably what I needed as I felt that I am losing firmness in my skin due to photo-aging.
The intensive is followed up with a good facial and a neck and shoulder massage that dulcifies all the tension accumulated in my body from work. I can tell that the therapist, Elaine, paid a little more attention to my tight spots and giving my shoulders an extra rub to help me relax further before applying the clay mask. The way she serves her customer is a reflection of her good working attitude.
I’ve yet to try D’Skin products except the ones the therapists used on my face but I was in awe by their huge selection of products which probably can cover all skin types.
Our skin conditions changes from time to time and if you experienced difficulty in maintaining good skin, it would be good to seek the professionals for help and advice. D’skin is one such reliable and trusted beauty salon that I can confidently put an ‘approved’ stamp on it. Seeing that there were so many clients who went there for facials on a weekday afternoon, I believe I would gather a unanimous response if I said D’Skin is worth going back for more treatments.
Maybe someday I would recommend some treatments which are worth trying out at individual beauty salons because each of the salons has their own strengths. Yay or nay?
Su Beau Derma Clinik (Novena Square)
238 Thomson Rd, #03-03/13/14/15 Novena Square, S(307683)
Tel: 6252 5822 SMS: 9456 9533
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