Elements & Co. : Weekend Brunch Edition


The central business district area in Singapore is one of the hip areas in town, offering you so many food options of various cuisines. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or yogi, you can get what you want right here.

New cafes and eateries are springing up fast all over our Sunny island and here’s one cafe which I recently frequented and would love to come back again!

Elements & Co. is located along Cecil street and it is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly cafe. The people behind Elements & Co. knew the key elements to a balanced lifestyle and they are diligent in using wholesome ingredients to serve you delicious healthy meals.


The cafe itself is rather spacious and it makes a great place to hold events and venues.


I love the single seating area which faces the main street where you can do some people watch while sipping on some good coffee.

They even house a mini ‘grocery’ store to sell fresh organic produce, wines, superfoods and healthy snacks. Feel like snacking on the gluten-free snacks? Grab one from their food shelves. They are also selling some ingredients which are used in their recipes so can buy back the ingredients and try to whip up the dish by yourself.


The other day, I was there for a long brunch. We ordered their well-known coffees, main courses and desserts!


This summer berry tart which costs $3.50 per slice is freshly baked.


These croissants stuffed with ham and cheese would make a good breakfast item with some black coffee.




If you are checking out this cafe, I recommend that you should try their coffee which is brewed with biodegradable coffee capsules. Also, they have recently introduced the bulletproof coffee and cold-brewed coffee which is getting popular in Australia cafes as well.


Bulletproof is actually an additional topping to your coffee. For instance, you could order latte and add-on bulletproof which is coconut oil, grass fed butter and vanilla.

YES, BUTTER IN MY COFFEE! I was a little hesitant on giving it a try because I am always satisfied with my cafe latte and wouldn’t want to add anything else like coconut oil and butter. But I was glad that I gave it a try because it tasted so good!

I ordered the black coffee with bulletproof and it tasted exactly like coffee buttered buns. The butter and coconut oil stay afloat on the coffee when it is served so you had to mix it well before drinking. And when you take a sip of it, it glides down your throat so smoothly and the bitter and acrid taste of the coffee beans are gone. I think the butter and oil must have to remove the bitter aftertaste of the coffee. What an interesting and genius way of preparing coffee!


The cold brew coffee, stored in a glass bottle, also tasted really smooth and it is less bitter than most black coffees but I personally like the bulletproof coffee better. You got to try it while you’re there!


Their smoothies are also worth trying especially the Protein Bliss smoothie which consists of a blend of banana, avocado, cocoa , butter, honey and soy milk. You will get so charged up after drinking this. This makes a nice post-gym or post-workout smoothie. Ditch your protein/whey shake and go for this au naturale protein smoothie instead!


We also ordered chocolate lover to try.

One thing worth mentioning is how informative their menu is. Every dish on the menu is labelled whether it is dairy free, gluten free, vegan or vegetarian-friendly. All the ingredients are also stated clearly on the menu itself.


You get a ritual card from Elements and Co. whenever you purchase a drink there where you collect drink stamps to exchange for a free drink.


Let’s come to the main courses which were what we’ve all been waiting for!

 First up, we ordered the parched seabass with mushroom risotto. It consisted of seabass, arborio rice, garlic, shiitake, shimeiji mushrooms and fresh coriander. The portion is just nice and they were generous with the seabass. It was not too bad though it would be nice if they use wild mushrooms and truffles instead.

The next dish is Moroccan souk kebabs which use New Zealand lamb, quinoa, pumpkin, chickpea, sultana, onion, almond, ras el hanout (a mixed spice from North Africa) 10 spices. This unique dish proves to be the most popular dish in the cafe because a lot of the customers either ordered a wrap or this.


Every mouthful is an explosion of exotic flavours that leave you craving for me. It is more flavourful than curry and definitely less spicy them curry.


And here’s come my favourite – bircher with a twist. This ‘brekky item’ happens to be my favourite item in the menu. It has coconut yoghurt, oats, soy milk, chia seeds, banana, almond butter, goji berry, sunflower seeds and homemade granola.


The killer is the coconut yoghurt which I sincerely hope they could add more of it because it is so creamy and delicious! Even better than the regular yoghurt. It is served cold so it tasted very refreshing on a hot summer day.

It is a nutritionally-dense bowl of superfoods that would give you all the energy you need for the day. If you are here for breakfast, go for this chia seed-oatmeal bowl instead and tell me how you feel after eating it!


We also ordered Mediterranean quinoa salad which quinoa, chickpea, cherry tomato, cucumber, capsicum, carrot, Spanish onion, parsley, mesclun and haloumi. It is served separately with a dressing and this would satisfy your salad cravings. But it would be nice if they allow us to customised our own salads.

Last but not least, we had a slice of summer berry taste which is made from almond, mixed berried, lime, brown sugar, butter and vanilla essence. It is not too sweet which I liked. But it would be nice to have a little more berries in its fillings to give it a fruitier taste.

Now, you’ve one more healthy cafe to check out in Singapore. Hoping to try more health food cafes in time to come!

Stay strong, fit and healthy!

Elements & Co.
Address: 137 Cecil Street, #01-01, Singapore 069537
Tel:+65 6221 6437
Email: contact@elementsandco.com.sgWebsite: http://elementsandco.com.sg

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