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After completing Expressions 3 Day Detox Programme and undergoing several sessions of body treatments, I’ve managed to lost some weight and without any rebound which I’ve experienced before. Though I’ve not reached my ideal weight of 52kg, I knew that I am not very far from my goal and would continue to monitor my weight. 
I’ve done about 6 sessions of body systems which has helped me alot in increasing my metabolic rate even without exercise. I also tried their Proslimelt treatment which I find it to be more effective for my body in terms of getting rid fats. I mean, just look at the above results! In a sessions, my fat percentage actually dropped! 
Proslimelt is non-invasive body slimming and contouring technology that uses low frequency ultrasound waves to penetrate up to 5cm deep into the fat under the skin. It is painless and has no downtime. 
The treatment last for about 20 minutes and there’s only a warm sensation and this high pitched sounds that gradually become part of the background noise after your ears are used to it. Other than that, it is very comfortable throughout.

The ultrasound waves break down the cellular membranes rapidly and allowing your body to effectively release liquid fat to be broken down in the liver. When the therapist told me that I could see my melted fats which gets diffused across the skin? I was doubtful about it but when she scraped the cold gel off my stomach, I was like ‘seriously?’

On the left, you will see the cold gel which is applied on my stomach so that the machine can glide across my skin smoothly. On the right, it’s the gel that was scraped off after the Proslimelt treatment. It looks a little yellowish and felt somewhat oily. But whether it’s really my melted fats or not, my fat percentage has gone down. And I was impressed with this treatment!
I also brought home a bottle of Lavender Slimming oil to apply on my body such as my thighs, stomach and arms. I’ve been using it for a week or so now and I really enjoy the effects of it. After rubbing the oil into my skin, I felt this slight warm burning sensation but it isn’t that uncomfortable at all. And there were no redness at all. In fact, I felt that I felt so much more relaxed after applying the oil to my body and in some ways, it helps me to relax my muscles and thus helping me to sleep better.
This special formulation has helps the body to detoxify, reduce cellulite, promote lipolysis and contour the body.

Though the product was named as ‘Lavender’ slimming oil, there isn’t much lavender scent to it as it was probably masked by the sweet orange and lemon scent. But it smells really pleasant!
This Lavender slimming oil contains of aroma slimming oil, lavender, lemon, grapefruit, sweet orange, grape seed oil and juniper.The aroma slimming cream is a potent blend of natural fruit oils that helps to break down excess fat and reduce stubborn cellulite build-up. It also acts as diuretics to minimize water retention in the body.  All these ingredients combine together to improve blood circulation, tone and firm up the skin, detoxify the skin and heal damaged skin such as stretched marks. Preggies might need find this oil really useful for reducing the appearance of stretch marks as well as to firm up the skin!
Since it also moisturizes the skin at the same time, I often skip using my body moisturizer and just reply on this slimming oil for that multitude of benefits it provide.

I would apply it after shower, just before going to bed and sometimes during the day after getting out of bed. It absorbs easily into the skin as the formula is light and not too oily. The price of this slimming oil is also very affordable too. At first, I thought it would cost me like a hundred or so because such slimming oils aren’t very cheap to begin with. But the lavender slimming oil  only costs $28 (200ml per bottle). I would definitely consider buying it again after I finish my first bottle!
If you read the reviews written by other users, you will find that this bottle of oil harnesses alot of benefits and are useful to many others. 


Here’s more information on how to use the product :

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