Gardens By The Bay: Blossom Beats – Cherry Blossoms Comes to Singapore!


There’s every reason for Singapore to be happy about. Praise the Lord for our tiny red dot to be ranked as the happiest nation in the region. Here’s a news that got everyone up to their feet and makes a trip back to Gardens by The Bay! All those pink dainty Cherry blossoms is making everyone’s faces lit in delight.

Gardens by the Bay’s “Blossom Beats” floral display at the flower dome features more than 20 varieties of beautiful cherry blossoms.

I used to be able to admire cherry blossoms from my computer screen but right now, I am able to see it live, without having to fly to Japan to soak in the true beauty of these Sakuras.

However, it was such pity because I went there on a Saturday morning and it was JAM PACKED with throngs of tourists and locals alike. I’ve never seen quite anything like that before. If I want to view the exhibit up close, I had to queue up just to get in.

As I didn’t have much time to spare, I decided to just check out the cherry blossoms trees located t the periphery of the Japanese-theme garden display. 

Interestingly, Cherry blossoms are ephemeral in nature, with flowers lasting about one to two weeks. So you’ll need to catch a sight of it while it lasts.

To me, it looked so perfect and gorgeous that it looked really artificial because it all looked unblemished and pure, like snow.


Sakura makes a good backdrop for taking photos. There were a few dressed up in Japanese traditional costumes, all looking so ‘kawaii’ right in front of the Sakura tree.

They forget to take a look at other flowers there which look really


This floral display is by far one of the best exhibit so far at Gardens by The Bay.


It is mandatory for me to get my favourite lavender ice cream by Udders which is exclusively sold at Gardens by The Bay. I thought it ran out when I frequented the Visitor Centre next to The Cloud Forest. But thankfully, there is still some left in other stores.


One small cup of ice cream is $4.50. Kinda expensive but totally worth it.

You can check Gardens by the Bay’s Facebook page at for updates on the blooming.
“Blossom Beats” Floral Display
Date: Until 27 March
Time: 9am to 9pm
Details: Admission charges to the Flower Dome apply

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