Hairtistry : Short is the New Long – My New Short-Hair Look!

I can be rather biased. I pay more attention to my skin than my hair, thinking that having a great skin is more important than anything else. As a matter of fact, I’ve been neglecting the condition of my hair and scalp. It became frizzy and I can’t seem to tame it down even after going for hair treatments. Previous chemical treatments have damaged my hair till it became so dry and scaly. It seems like my hair is crying for help! 
I am also starting to have white hair sprouting from the back of my head which I don’t think it was stress but I think my hair isn’t receiving all the nourishment it should have. That’s when I decided I should ‘chop off’ my hair and start growing healthier hair! 
It’s a good thing that our hair still grows even as we aged. But we need to make it a point to keep it healthy by going for regular hair cuts to trim off the dead ends and use suitable hair products to maintain glossy, shiny and thick hair.
So this is the day…. the day I decided to do away with my long hair and went for a short bob hair cut at Hairtistry. This hair salon was recommended by Herine, a blogger and a friend of mine whom I’ve worked with previously. Even though it was almost an hour of train ride away from where I live, I think it is really worth to trip to the other end of Singapore, at Tampines. The salon is a stone throw away from Tampines MRT so it is pretty convenient to get there. It is located at Telepark building, just opposite Tampines Bus Interchange. 
I like that it is tucked away from the main road so you can enjoy some peace and tranquility while getting your hair done.
My hair was cut, style and treated by Tonny Wong, art director and colorist at Hairtistry. He’s one talented hairstylist who has 10 over years of experience as a hairstylist. 
I wasn’t so sure how I would look with short hair but thankfully, I am under safe hands and my short bob haircut turns out the way I wanted it to be. It was way beyond my expectations!
Tonny is skilful in hair colouring and I might want to add some colours to my hair during my next visit to the visit.
He uses all kinds of techniques to create this stylish hair cut – using his scissors and electric hair trimmer to shape the hair cut. 
After the haircut, Tonny also did a keratin treatment to treat my dry hair and it took about an hour long. The keratin treatment is unlike any other hair treatments I’ve done before. It doesn’t require a steamer but just simply the hair treatment product and hair dryer. 
After applying the treatment cream on my hair evenly, he uses the heat from the hair dryer to blow dry my hair. It was interesting because I felt that this way of infusing heat to the hair is more effective than the steamer. It ensures that all the product gets absorbed into the hair. In fact, my hair doesn’t feel so dry like before anymore, even days right after the treatment. 
As Tonny explains, the keratin helps to nourish and strengthens the hair. It’s one of the most intensive and effective hair treatment available to treat dry and damaged hair. If you’ve got seriously damaged hair like myself which looks like it is almost beyond repair, I recommend that you try this keratin treatment. Other hair treatments I’ve tried isn’t as effective as this one which will really repair the hair cuticles. 
After the keratin treatment,  my hair was washed again with shampoo to remove the treatment product. Then, Tonny blew try my hair and continued to trim my hair to tidy it up. And there you have it! A stylish haircut that suits my face shape as it really brings my facial features. I definitely look more awake and refresh. And younger too!
I’ve received many compliments of my new hairstyle so I’m really satisfied with this hair cut. I should have gotten a short hairstyle way earlier, shouldn’t I? 
Many thanks to Tonny (who promise to smile but didn’t smile) for styling my hair, the team behind Hairtistry and Herine for introducing Hairtistry to me. 
Be sure to read Herine’s blog post on Hairtistry too!
5 Tampines Central 6, #01-10 Telepark, Singapore 529482
Operating Hours: 10:30am to 8:30pm (Mon – Fri); 10:30am to 7pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)
Call 67899366 or SMS/Whatsapp to 81450111 to book your appointment.

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