How I Lost 906 Kcal in 33 minutes @ Active Hive

You wouldn’t love the idea of bee hives with thousands of bees with stings but you might fall in love with the idea of working in out in a ‘hive’ for 30 minutes that help you to burn fats and keep you looking more youthful than ever. The benefits of this ‘hive’ are even better than bee sting venom.
What am I talking about? Let me bring you on a tour around this ‘hive’ situated about a stone throw away from Tai Seng MRT, at Oxley Building. It’s the most fascinating ‘hive’ ever for those who wants to lose weight more effectively.
Active Hive offers a holistic solution to achieve your workout goals through the Minus Calorie Workout. Their personalised wellness programme integrates both fitness and wellness to help you lose weight and at the same time, improving your health and wellness.
I always believe that this would be a more balanced approach which is why I enjoy exercising to improve fitness and at the same time, going for body treatments and massage to enhance my body wellness. But I guess there’s now a solution which combines the best of both worlds together which I recently discovered over at Active Hive!
I was there last Sunday to try out the 30-minute Minus calorie workout which I come to know that it is actually a simple workout done within a so-called heated ‘hive’ that radiates out near infra-red waves. These near infra-red waves is a new technology that penetrates deeply into the skin and target at the hard-to-reach fat layer. Could this be the solution to melt my stubborn fats?
As most people would agree to this, fats are the hardest to loose even with exercise. Especially for myself, although I exercise regularly and control my diet, my fat percentage still hovers around 30%. A healthier fat range, which I was told by most health experts, is around 25% to 28% for my body size and age. But at least, I am still working on it and I’m not giving up so which explains why I’m giving Active Hive a try.
I am about 4kg away from my ideal weight and I guess I’m pretty much almost there.
As I will be going through 5 sessions of Anti-Ageing Detox Workout (using Minus Calories machine), I am pretty excited to see if this actually works to help me to get one step closer to my ideal weight.
I guess it’s way bigger than a hive and probably weighs a tonne! Stepping into this machine made me feel like I was hopping on into a Mercedes for a test drive.
And before I get into the ‘hive’, they applied the anti-cellulite and body sculpting cream all over my arms, legs, and tummy area. It acts as a catalyst to bring about the greater fat burn.
So the moment you step onto the elliptical machine, they will turn on the near infra-red lamps and the heat is certainly turned up as the waves get radiated to my body. This machine also blasts out ionised air which has the following benefits:
• Supplies oxygen to rejuvenate skin cells
• Reduce insomnia
• Improves respiratory system
• Assist in speeding up purging of body toxins and weight loss
• Improve body resistance to infections
• Improves stamina and energy levels
Within 3 minutes into the workout, I was perspiring quite a bit and my body was all warmed up already. It’s even faster than doing warm-up exercises. And within that precious 30 minutes, here is what happens during the workout…
Infra-red would
• Heat the skin to make it sweat to cleanse and remove toxins
• Reduce pain in joint, muscles and body tension
• Improve blood circulation and metabolism
• Stimulate collagen production
• Treat skin problems and reduce cellulite
• Lighten scars and even out skin tone
• Reduce fatigue
• Improve lymphatic system and immune system
• Eliminate toxins and fats
In fact, this workout is suitable for those undergoing rehabilitation and cannot perform intensive exercise after operations. This is a more gentle form of exercise suited for elderly too. It also assists in the treatment of injuries for athletes.
You will also be entertained with movies or TV drama shows as you do your workout as they have fitted a TV screen onto the machine itself!
By 7 minutes into the workout, the temperature is rising and I can feel my heart pulsating faster. At some point, I felt a little dizzy – and the room seemed stuffy. But it was still manageable and I guess my body was just getting to adapt to having to workout with the heated waves in an enclosed space.
Thankfully, the session went well and usually, they will monitor you closely (especially if it is your first session) to see if you are doing alright.
And after 33 minutes… 908 calories?
That’s insane. I don’t think I ever burn that many calories before in my life.
I felt a difference in my body after the treatment. It’s not that I felt lighter or slimmer but I find my heart rate increased slightly and I get thirsty very easily so I had to keep sipping water throughout the way. It is a good sign I suppose as water helps in detoxification too.
When I was back there for the second session, I felt so much more comfortable and didn’t felt dizzy at all but was more energised and motivated to step harder. One, two, one, two, one two! I was huffing and puffing half way through but I felt that I could go on further during my second session.
The little surprise after the workout is a freshly squeezed juice which is served right after your 30 minutes workout! It is made using the Hurom Slow Juicer which slowly crushed all the fruits and vegetables to carefully extract all the wholesome juice together with the live enzymes and nutrients in it. In my opinion, this is even better than drinking protein shakes. It’s always a better option to go fresh and natural.
I had baby bok choy juice with cucumber and apples. They even added some chia seed toppings to the juice for a dose of omega-3 and protein!
After the workout, you can choose to take a shower there too as they have showering amenities but you got to bring your own bath towel.
Prior to your workout, you will also need to take note of the following:
1. Have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep required, on the night before workout
2. A light meal with some carbohydrate is required at least 1 to 2 hours before the workout. 
3. Ladies having menstruation are not suitable to do the workout on the first two days of their cycle.
4. Pregnant ladies and individuals with a foreign substance (metals/aesthetic implants etc), depending on the location, in the body are not suitable for the workout.
You should also bring a water bottle, a small towel (to wipe off the sweat) and a bath towel if you want to shower there. For ladies, you can wear your sports Bra / sleeveless T-shirt / T-shirt, shorts and sports shoes to do the workout. However, they encourage us to wear lesser to increase exposure of our skin to the infra-red waves.
If you are struggling to lose weight and want to lose weight more quickly and effectively but through healthier methods, I recommend trying out Active Hive. If the notion of eating slimming pills and undergoing for aesthetic slimming treatments isn’t your thing, Active Hive might be your next best option.
I will be posting another blog post for my updates and progression at Active Hive. See you in a week’s time, Glitzies! Read about my progress report right here.

3 readers will stand to win 2 Minus Calories 30 Minutes workout each at Active Hive on the Minus Calories machine, complete with 1 free Body Composition Analysis and 2 post-workout juice and 1 free Active Hive towel worth up to SGD191*
To participate, all you need to do is:
2) Comment here on this blog and tell us why you love working out.
Giveaway ends 15 May 2016.
*Terms & Conditions*
  • Winners must provide Active Hive with full name, email, mobile number and NRIC before Active Hive issues a letter for redemption.
  • Winners will liaise directly with Active Hive for their trial redemption.
  • Winners must utilise their trial session by the stipulated time provided by Active Hive.
  • Not suitable for pregnant ladies or those with implants in their bodies. 
For more information, follow Active Hive Facebook Page:
and Minus Calories Facebook page:
or visit their website:
Active Hive
65 Ubi Road 1 #02-88
Oxley Bizhub Singapore 408729
Tel: 6384 2758 / 9236 4678
Operating hours: (By appointment only)
Mon to Fri: 10am to 9.30pm
Sat to Sun: 10am to 8pm

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