LANEIGE Sun Block Aqua + Blackhead Melting Gel

Photo damaged skin can appear pretty horrifying under a UV camera. On the surface, you may start to witness slight pigmentation and uneven skin tone but right underneath the skin, you will see patches of skin areas which are already damaged by UV radiation. I had my skin analysis done today and it is really a timely reminder for me to apply my sunscreen regularly and frequently through out the day to provide my skin with maximum protection against the sun. It has been an antidote against aging for me. Forget about anti-aging cream, using a good sunblock for the sun is the most important step to achieve youthful-looking skin.
I’ve been shopping for sunblocks around lately and I have a few bottles of sunblock left in my drawer which I’ve tried but decided to discontinue using it as it made my skin conditions worse. I thought Innisfree aqua eco-safety aqua perfect sun gel would be that a great water-based sunscreen for my skin but it is still rather rich for my skin and clogs do appear but not as bad as those cream-based sunscreens. So I went around shopping for better sunscreen and this time I discovered Laneige Aqua+ SPF 35 PA++ Sunblock (50ml) that can be used daily and has a light watery finish.
This sunblock contains mineral water for deep moisturization and that explains for its watery texture which I find it really refreshing when applied on the skin. It is also non-sticky and penetrates into your skin easily. However, I felt that this sunblock needs to be reapplied several times throughout the day as it comes off easily with sweat and oil. But it also makes it so much easier to remove the sunblock in the evening with a simple makeup remover.
This product is a little pricer than other sunblocks by Innisfree or The Face Shop but its quite affordable as compared to other higher-end facial daily sunblocks.
I highly recommended this sunblock for those with oily or sensitive skin because it doesn’t clog the pores and can be easily removed.
I was tempted to try other Laneige products while I was looking for a sunblock and I remember reading about this award-winning product by Laneige from one of our local beauty magazines so I decided to check it out. It was the blackhead melting gel by Laneige which proves to be an interesting product. Curiosity in me was burning strong at that point in time and I just had to reach out for a bottle of it to bring back to try.
I’m glad I did because it made life so much easier. I don’t have to squeeze the pores on my nose to extract the blackheads anymore because the blackhead melting gel literally ‘melts’ and ‘softens’ the black and white heads stucked in the pores. After rubbing the product into my skin at my T-zone areas for a few minutes, I would use a gentle scrub or exfoliant to remove all the debris trapped in my pores.
This innovative product comes with a silicon brush applicator that will further help in cleansing the pores. I also use this brush to massage the product all over my T-zone areas where my pores usually get heavily clogged.
To dispense the product, you will have to press a white button which is located at the side of the applicator. Once the watery gel product oozes out from the nozzle, it’s time to rub it all in to ‘melt’ those nasty black heads.
The gel contains keratinase enzymes that softens the blackheads and dead skin cells so that it is easier to remove all these impurities from the skin. It also keeps the rough skin surface soft and prevents further blackhead formation. After some time, when your pores are clean and healthy, it will appear less enlarged as before.
I would use this product after cleansing at night and massage the product in circular motion with the silicon brush. I focus only on my nose, cheeks and forehead where the pores tend to appear more enlarged.
The instructions printed on the packaging itself mentioned that the product can be left on the skin for 20 seconds to melt the blackheads before washing. But I would usually leave it there for about 3 minutes or so then use a gentle scrub to exfoliate the skin before rinsing everything off. My skin felt so much softer after each wash.
It is recommended to use this product about three to four times a week.
The sales person at Laneige also gave me a a sample of Laneige Pore Minimising Pack to try. It is actually a fast-drying wash-off clay pack that tightens the pores. I actually prefer this pore pack to Innisfree Volcanic ash clay mask because it is more fluid and dries easily. Since only a thin layer of it is required, it could be washed off easily with lukewarm water.
I might want to try out Laneige’s Total Pore solution range of products that targets at minimising pores after I’ve finish using Innisfree products.
Remember to use suncare products before it’s too late! Take preventive measures now while you still can! Also, I am starting to invest in good quality skincare products to bring you that effective results you’ve always wanted. As the saying goes, what you pay is what you get.
Stay beautiful, my friends!

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