&MADE Burger Bistro at Quayside @ Sentosa Cove : Weekend Breakfast

 Weekends are probably the best days to laze around, take your time to breathe properly, take a chill pill and just savour your food. And these days I like to spend time exploring this city that seems to have several hidden treasures.
I would like to introduce a new brunch spot to you guys and before it gets really crowded, you should totally make a trip down to experience the splendour of Sentosa Cove where you can get a dose of sunshine and enjoy some tranquillity.
There are several other hip cafe and restaurant joints at Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove where you can  have a decent meal at a restaurant and settle for some drinks at a cafe.
The weather is certainly getting warmer these days but that’s not going to stop us from exploring new places on our two feet (while we are still young and strong!). Last weekend, we made a trip down to &MADE Burger Bistro for brunch.
The whole bistro is pretty funky and cool. For some strange reasons, it gave me this youthful vibes which I felt I was like a little kid all over again.
They served mainly western dishes here which I certainly would love to come back again to try out their burgers in particular. One of the waitresses there told me that the B burger is the most popular dish there! If you love American food like burgers, fries and milkshakes, you would have to check out this place.
It’s always a plus point for a cafe to have a kids’ play area where kids can be engaged through doodling or playing with colourful bricks.  Kids have a very short attention span to begin with so having all these toys to play with can keep them occupied while their parents can settle down and enjoy some peace.
Anyway, Easter is coming! And &MADE Burger Bistro has got some exciting Easter activities lined up for you and your family. There’s going to be an Easter Egg Hunt as well as some other fun activities for kids such as ‘Make You Own Bunny Burger’. Read on for more information.
The bistro not only welcomes kids but also doggies too! You can get a personalised dog bowl and special treats for your pet.
We ordered some refreshing homemade yoghurt smoothie which was really nice on a warm day.
Homemade Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothie ($9)
Homemade Banana Yoghurt Smoothie ($9)
We only wish that the cup was bigger so that we had more smoothie to enjoy with our meal.
&Made Breakfast is now made available every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 am to 3 pm.
And there are 2 types of breakfasts to choose from – &Made breakfast or French breakfast.
We tried the French breakfast set which comes with eggs (Sunny side up, Benedict or scrambled) salad, French baguette, watermelon and cereals. We had egg benedict with smoked salmon, an additional add-on to the breakfast set. 
It just felt great to have eggs in the morning and the egg benedict was done perfectly – not too overcooked. And the Hollandaise sauce was good except that it could be creamier.
It’s a well-balanced breakfast! You’ve got plenty of fibre from the salad and fruits, protein from eggs and salmon and carbohydrates from the baguette and burger buns.
The serving was huge and portions are generous but I thought it would be better for them to serve granola instead of cereals which become soggy in milk after some time.
But you might want to come back here to try out their burgers which are what this bistro is all about. I am pretty sure you wouldn’t mind have burgers for breakfast like I do.
Refer to their Menu.
&MADE Burger Bistro
31 Ocean Way #01-03, Quayside Isle, Singapore 098375
T: 6690 7570 
E: info@andmade.sg

Facebook Page: &MADE

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