My New MacBook Pro Takes Stage

This year’s IT show 2016 is huge and it’s my very first time there. I bought back a laptop which I’m glad that I bought it from Epicentre, Macbook Pro 13″.  

My old Macbook Pro which I bought all the way back in 2011 was still in working condition but the SD card reader driver is not working and the charger wire has broken into two! But under the deft hands of my dad who is so talented at fixing and repairing electrical stuff, he was able to join the broken wires together but still, it’s damage and probably won’t last very long.   

But it is about the good time that I bought a new Macbook with retina screen display and I hope that there are other more additional features in iMovie which I can use for video editing too.

Below are the features stated on the Epicentre pamphlet which was given to me at the IT show.  I personally don’t need much storage because I store all my photographs on Flickr which is a better option because storing them in your computer or hard disk is kind of risky. My Macbook once died down on me and all my disk memory was gone! I learnt to never store my photos in iPhoto ever since.

The price isn’t any cheaper but at least here at the IT show, it comes with some nice freebies.   Features:   13″ 2.7 GHz Intel Core 8 GB RAM 128 GB Flash Storage Force Touch Trackpad Price: $1688 I’ve laid the keyboard protector on my new Mac! It’s part of the freebies too.   More features of the MacBook from are found below. But I had no idea what all these technical terms are about but one thing is for sure – this Macbook is so worth the purchase!

It is going to take me some time to discover the full potential of this Macbook though.   13.3‑inch (diagonal) LED‑backlit Retina display 2.7GHz or 2.9GHz dual‑core Intel Core i5 or 3.1GHz dual‑core Intel Core i7 processor Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz  Up to 1TB flash storage 3.48 pounds 2 Thunderbolt 2 ports  

It used an integrated 74.9-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery that has up to 10 hours of battery life.
This newer version of Mac is thinner, lighter and more compact. It’s only 0.71 inches thin and weighs 3.48 pounds.

Other plus points

– longer battery life
– charged up very fast
– awesome sounds quality
– compact
– stunning retina display
– sensitive force touch trackpad

Should I get a MacBook cover for my MacBook? I know that those marble design Macbook covers are really popular.

I like its minimalistic packaging that used so much less paper packaging as compared to the previous boxes that stored my old Macbook.

I also like the new design of the charger and adapter that probably wouldn’t give me the same problem of having wires that would wear out and break off. I’m going to make sure that this adapter would last me for a lifetime.   And these are the freebies I got from Epicentre!  

  • iWorld Wireless Mouse Portable HDD USB 3.0 1 TB
  • iWorld Keyboard protector
  • iFreeze Super Cleaning Kit
  • Tucano Lampo Sleeve
  • TechM 6 Port USB Charging TechM
  • LED DeskLight Hard Disk Case

So is it worth shopping at the IT show? Most certainly especially for products like Macbook because they were all sold out at Apple Stores. But they’ve got so many stocks at the IT show. I wonder why…

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