Pole Dancing with Studio Sands X Benefit – They’re Real (Lash Primer)


I never thought that I would be able to try pole dancing one day and when the opportunity finally came, I just had to pounce right at it. My current life revolves around this mantra is ‘if you don’t try, you’ll never know and discover the REAL you.’ Unexpected discoveries are often the ones that reveal your true self because you’re never born onto this earth knowing what you love to do since day one until you try it. My fellow ladies, give yourself a chance to experience everything while you can.

The other day Benefit provided us with the opportunity to attend a pole dancing class at Studio Sands.   I thought I would never be able to get up on a pole since I was bottom-heavy but I actually did manage to swivel around the pole with some level of ease.

On top of discovering how pole dancing can bring out the sensualness and gracefulness of a woman, I got to try out check out Benefit’s new “They’re Real” dual purpose tinted lash primer. This lash primer gives a little oomph to your lashes by dramatically boosting the length and separation of your lashes. First, we had a foundation primer, eyeshadow primer and now a lash primer. Now I understood that it’s high time to prime your life today and live to your fullest.

It doesn’t hurts to enhance your life through a primer. 


I’ve never really tested Benefit cosmetics before so I was pretty excited to try their tinted lash primer that comes in a dark brown shade. I tried it out straightaway on the spot, right infront of the mirror and just before pole dancing begins.


I was actually more impressed with their custom extra flex lash brush than their new formula. The brush itself is specially designed to move with lashes for a better separation and because it is so easy to comb through the lashes, it prevents clumping. There are a lot of mascaras out there with similar brushes but it isn’t quite as flexible as Benefit’s mascara brush. Having that said, you don’t have to wiggle the mascara wand to achieve neat and tidy eyelashes.


The lash primer is actually a gel formula which is water resistant and it also conditions the lashes with provitamin B5. It does appears quite watery which might smudge easily but at the same time, it is easier to remove with a gentle eye cleanser.

For a more natural look, I would suggest using this primer alone but as for myself, I would definitely add another coat of mascara for more definition and volume because my lashes are short to begin with.


After experimenting with the lash primer, it was finally time for some pole dancing!


It was a cosy class with the instructors and other beauty bloggers which I’ve got to know them through this event. Small is always good. We got more attention from the instructor herself and we have more time to practice the pole tricks.

It wasn’t easy to swivel around the pole and though I didn’t sweat much, it can be rather exhausting with all those dance moves that require both arm and leg strength. But it is definitely a good workout  after realising how many bruises I had on my legs and muscle ache I had suffered from on the very next day.


The event ended on a sweet note with fairy floss that was wrapped up in a roll that was fragranced with pandan leave essence.

After the pole dancing class, we stayed on for a little to take photos and experimented with the dharma yoga wheel which I’ve seen it in Instagram posts of several yogis.

I mean, who would have thought that a wheel would be a yoga prop?

We’re like going back to stone age.


I went home with Benefit’s new lash primer in mink-brown and a couple of their sample-sized mascara to try it on.

The lash effect was feathery and natural – plus a little flirtatious but it isn’t over the top. Even with the second coat of mascara, the lashes didn’t clump and the application was even.
I guess Benefit’s mascaras are probably known best for their innovative mascara brushes that are user-friendly. If you like the girly or girl-next-door-look, this is the mascara you will be looking for. Prime your lashes and it will make your eyes look REAL big and bright.
The magic lies in their They’re Real mascara brushes.
Below is Benefit’s Roller Lash that promises a super-curling and lifting effect to the lashes. 
Find out more benefits from Benefit Singapore’s Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Instagram.

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