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Hola, Amigos!
It seems like our local cafe spots have now branched out across the island, beyond the tall and mighty castles of Universal Studio, all the way to Sentosa cove where you get to see this whole stretch of yachts parked by the quay. It seems like a nice idea to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while, then have quiet brunch by the sea with your hot date, family, friends or pets without having to worry if there are seats or now. The pace of life is a little slower here too.
Quayside isle @ Sentosa Cove is not very far from W Hotel and the residences at Sentosa Cove. And it isn’t just a place for the rich expats to splurge and dine with their huskies. There are casual and humble cafes along that stretch of dining outlets like Kith, &MADE Burger Bistro L’Entrecôte Express and Joe & The Juice. I was there at Quayside @ Sentosa Cove yesterday to check out Sabio by the Sea, among the other fine restaurants that cuisines from all over the way. Want to have some Greek, Mediterranean or even Thai food? You can get it all here without having to travel all over the place. 
Sabio by the Sea serves authentic Spanish tapas, grills and some traditional Spanish favourites like Paella, Churros, Chorizo, Jamón and Queso. This spacious outlet overlooks Sentosa Marina which makes it a perfect place for alfresco dining. For some strange reasons, it felt like I was in Europe, dining at one of these charming restaurants by the streets. They also offer an array of specially imported Spanish wine, beer and spirits. While you are there, you have to try out their homemade Sangrias, a popular Spanish drink that consists of red wine, chopped fruits and some brandy. It’s almost like a fruit punch mixed with red wine and it is a nice refreshing drink on a hot summer day. 

Know what ‘Sabio’ actually means? It means wise in Spanish. I’m pretty sure I am wiser now after tasting and learning more about Spanish cuisine. That’s what food is all about. Behind every dish and ingredient is a story waiting to be shared. I always felt that food has got two purposes – to nourish your body and feed your soul. Don’t you think so?


The interior design of the restaurant is pretty spectacular if you pay close attention to the furniture and lamps . You would love the vibes of this cafe if you are into art.


The playful use of primary colours which somehow whet my appetite and I guess that’s how colour can affect your perception of food.


It would be cool if diners can play around with the threads to form a new pattern.

Since Easter is happening next Sunday on 27 March, I was invited to try out their La Easter! Brunch menu which features some delicious tapas. To celebrate Easter, there are organising a Kids Easter Egg Hunt as well as other craft activities from 12pm onwards on 27 March. Kids would have lots of fun searching for hidden easter eggs in the restaurant!

Ah yes, you will notice that I’ve chopped off my hair and get a short bob cut for a new change. The spacious restaurant settings make it a great place for running events and doing photo shoots.


La Easter! Brunch includes 1 El Sabio Basket, one mains, a dessert and a choice of coffee or tea. Yesterday, we get to try out a few mains for brunch.

The El Sabio basket consisted of some deliciously-baked croissants and baguette that goes well with jam and yoghurt mixed with raspberry sauce.


Since it’s an Easter brunch, all of its mains have eggs in it. I am an egg lover and what’s brunch without eggs anyway?


Baked Squid filled with Paella Rice and Fried Eggs

I love how they stuff the paella rice into the baked squid to give it an interesting texture. Chewy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. It’s my favourite mains out of the list of mains in the menu.


Beef Ribeye, Chachouka, Fried Eggs and Mushrooms

I knew this was Samuel’s favourite because he kept talking about how tasty the beef ribeye was after we left the restaurant. It was done medium rare and I like how they pair it with mushrooms to enhance the flavour of the dish.


In my opinion, it’s partially quite tender and has a nice bite though it can be quite difficult to chew on some parts.


Serrano Sandwich with scrambled eggs

I really like the texture of this too. The saltiness of the serrano ham goes well with the creamy scrambled eggs and toasted bread. If you prefer something light, you should go for this.



Samuel jokingly said it looked like a huge hashtag and it does look like a perfect hashtag dish for Twitter and social media addicts. Torrija is a simple dessert which is eaten during Lent and holy week in Spain. It tastes like french toast and it is to be dipped in honey.



Needless to say, which dish made me roll down the hill like Kungfu panda? It’s the crunchy churros that are everyone’s favourite. This churro stick is so well-fried that it tasted very crunchy and when dipped into the chocolate sauce, it almost made me roll off my chair. But I wish it was a little less sweet to avoid a sugar rush, especially in kids.

Buen Provecho!
(or bon appétit)

Source: Sabio By The Sea

Easter Breakfast Set – Adults: $39++, Children:$25++, Kids below the age of 6 dines for free.
All Weekend Brunch diners at Sabio will enjoy a full rebate of their Sentosa Entrance Fees from 1st March onwards.
31 Ocean Way #01-02
Quayside Isle, Singapore 098375
T: 6690 7568 E:
Opening Hours
Monday-Wednesday: 3PM-10.30PM | Thursday: 12PM–10.30PM
Friday and Saturday: 12PM-11PM | Sunday: 11AM-10.30PM
How to get there:
1) Take a W Hotel Singapore shuttle to W Hotel from Vivocity (next to JPOT restaurant at Level 1) and take a 5-minutes walk to Quayside Isle.
2) Take Sentosa Express to Beach station from Vivocity then take Bus 3 from Beach Station and stop over at W Hotel.
If you miss the La Easter! Brunch, here’s another promotion at Sabio by the Sea which you can check it out! You can eat all you can and wipe up all the tapas for $49.90++ per person. You can stay there as long as you want to try all the different types of tapas served.
Source: Sabio By The Sea

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