SeeChic: When An Optometrist Pays Me A Visit

This time, it isn’t the delivery man or the postman came knocking on my door but Prem, the optometrist from SeeChic. No time to drop by an optical shop for a regular eye check-up? Then check out SeeChic that brings optometry services right to your door step.
With the change of my eating habits and lifestyle, I noticed that glasses degree fluctuates every now and then so it is important for me to get my eye check every now and then. This is crucial especially for contact lens wearer, like myself, who are prone to eye infections if our lenses are not properly cleansed and bacteria is introduced into our eyes. Just as it is important to visit the dentist every 6 months to check your teeth, we also need to make it a point to get our eyes checked.
When you run out of contact lenses to wear, you will need to revisit the optical shop to get your eye checked before you can make a purchase. Under the regulations here in Singapore, the eye check by a qualified optician is compulsory. But here’s the good news, you can now purchase suitable contact lenses for yourself online and get a complimentary eye checkup done right at home or your office. Can’t visit the opticians? That’s okay because SeeChic is bringing their qualified optician to you.
SeeChic is an online eye care platform that has collaborated with leading contact lenses and sunglasses brand to offer you suitable prescribed disposable contact lenses at competitive prices.
I wanted to find out about how SeeChic actually works because I couldn’t really quite imagine what a mobile eye care check ups would be like. It seems possible to create that setting to test your eyesight but somehow with the use of technology, they managed to do it!
Source: SeeChic
So basically, you book your free eye test online and sign up with your particulars. Once confirmed, you will receive email notifications to remind you of your appointment.
Then when it’s about time…
Ding dong!
Out emerge a tall man who introduced himself as Prem, in his office wear, carrying a briefcase and a bag pack. Within minutes, he took out all his tools and transform my dining space into this makeshift eye screening set up using his iPad, mobile phone and lenses all stored in his special briefcase. And I was like ‘Woah!’ Whatever he needs are all found inside his so-called ‘Doraemon’ bag pack.
He first ask me a couple of questions about the current lenses I am wearing and whether I’ve got any allergies. And he proceed to document all these information on a personal particulars sheet then proceed with the eye checkup.
It is no different from the eye checkup procedures done at regular optical shops except that there are no large machines used here (obviously). He actually relied on this special app on his phone along with some tools to check for the health of my cornea and to measure the degree of my short-sightedness.
The whole process is prompt and takes about 20 minutes or so. There’s no waiting time and to be frank, it does saves a lot of time because you don’t have to make a trip down to the optical shops. Travelling time is saved.
Once everything is done, Prem sent me my eye prescriptions through email.
There is not much changes to my current eyesight and my cornea is healthy.
Right Eye:-
-550/-075X65 (Spectacles)
-550 (Contact Lenses)
Left Eye:-
-650/-025X150 (Spectacles)
-600 (Contact Lenses)
And once you get your updated prescriptions, you can proceed to purchase your contact lenses at SeeChic and get it delivered to you. It can be delivered within 5 to 6 hours using Express courier if you need your lenses urgently. You could also opt for a free delivery where you will receive your lenses with a few days with the option of collecting the lenses from all 26 SingPost POPStations across the island just in case there might not be someone at home. And it can be a hassle to queue up at Sing Post just to collect your parcel.
Other than contact lenses, you can also purchase designer sunglasses too. As online consumers, you will be rest assured that SeeChic provides 30 Days free returns with no questions asked. In case if you needed help with the purchase, you can contact them at +65 3163 2052 or drop them an email at so that you can shop online with peace in mind.
I’ve yet to place my contact lenses order with them but would definitely try it once my contact lens supply has depleted.
SeeChic is a licensed dispenser of prescription contact lenses with a consulting optometrist onboard to ensure the proper handling of all requests that include medical prescriptions.


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