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Pigmentation is starting to surface and starting to pay a little more attention to my skin tone as it tends to get even more uneven. I’ve been using sunscreen on a daily basis but I didn’t like using it as I find that it causes breakouts especially when the formula is very rich and creamy. It gets a little tricky when it comes to sunscreen because most of the sunscreen formulas are lotion or cream-based or tinted. I’ve yet to find one that is water-based, effective in blocking out UV rays and non-comedogenic. So lately, I’ve been testing out a few sunscreens to find out which one is more suitable for my skin.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been trying out this sunscreen called SunDay Morning by Bsoul. There are 3 variants in this series of SunDay Morning sunscreens. There is the SunDay Morning Cocco e vanilla that offers high protection, SunDay Morning Vaniglia that offers medium protection and SunDay Morning Orientale.

Since I thought I needed a higher protection for my skin to prevent further skin pigmentation, I went for SunDay Morning Coco e Vanilla which has this strong coconut and vanilla scent. It smells so delicious like applying whip cream over your face.


This sunscreen contains non-phototoxic and photostable filters which help protect your skin from UV rays while receiving only the benefits of the sun.

The formula is quite creamy but light and fluid. It can be applied both on the face and the body. I prefer to use it on my body as it does seem quite rich to be used on my face which tends to clog up very easily. However, this product doesn’t feel sticky or tacky after application so you can apply makeup smoothly right after using this sunscreen.

I would use about a 10-cent coin size of the amount to be applied on my neck and hands. It is so crucial to apply it on your neck area after applying moisturizer because your neck is subjected to the damaging sun rays too! Do shake well before use as the product is formulated without a chemical foaming agent, thus, the cream and oil may have separated after left standing for some time.

I would definitely take this along with me if I am headed to the beach where I would need to use a sunscreen with a higher protection factor. And remember to reapply sunscreen after every 3 to 4 hours for maximum protection against the damaging sun rays. A sunscreen is a MUST!

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