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Here’s a progress report after completing 5 sessions of Anti-Ageing Detox Workout, spending on an average of 35 minutes on the Minus Calorie machine. I try to complete the 5 sessions within 2 weeks in hope to yield greater results but I guess it might probably take more than 5 sessions to witness a change for my body. And 5 sessions had just gone by so quickly!

I learnt to paddle faster and harder with each session as my stamina increases and I felt that sense of achievement when I know that I can clock in so much more calories each time I’m there.
I am also starting to get use to the machine, working out with infrared waves heating up my body. It really felt good to sweat and I can sense my metabolic rate climbs up after each concurrent session.
Sometimes I felt fatigue after stepping the elliptical which requires a lot of effort from the legs to push through. But the whole process of exercising is made much more enjoyable when you get to watch your favourite TV show or movie which could take your mind off for a bit. But I personally prefer to work out without any distractors so that I can have a greater awareness of which muscle group in my body is working and pay more attention to it.
I guess the Anti-cellulite cream which was applied on my body helps to slim down my thighs!
On my fifth session, I hit 2003 calories but I took longer to achieve it. If I can burn 2003 calories everyday, I would definitely burn all my jiggly fats away.
The best of the anti-aging workout session?
Sipping some fresh fruit and vegetable juice to replenish the body with nutrients and water.
I had different types of slow juices every time I’m there.
Overall, my weight still remains about the same but my thighs and arms have slimmed down by 2 inches. I guess the anti-cellulite cream does really help! During this period of time, I limit my gym workout sessions and eat as per normal.
But I guess the greatest impact here is the increment in my basal metabolic rate which meant my body can burn off more energy than it used to be. But I am still a few kilos away from my target weight!
Toast to a fitter me!
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