An Amusing Night with Expressions

Working with Expressions on this weight loss journey which started last year is really God-sent. After undergoing its treatments and using some of their slimming products like the 3-Day Detox kit, I’ve lost about 3 kg in total over a spend of 3 months. My lifestyle is pretty much the same as before when I was embarking on the slimming programme with them. But more important, I felt that my body is naturally burning more calories on its own than ever before. I was still able to maintain my weight even after I’ve done 6 treatment sessions. I am pretty confident of losing even more but I am just thankful that Expressions has given me that booster to kick start a healthier me journey.

I was at Amuse Restaurant along with other Expressions’ blogger at Expressions Blogger Award Night. It was a legit idea for them to hold their own blogger award to show their appreciation towards bloggers and the event was rather interesting. We had a photoshoot with a professional photographer and there’s even a makeup artist there to help us with the makeup. I also got the chance to mingle around with other bloggers and had great conversations with them. And what was really memorable about that night was the award I received. Second best in the category, Best wellness blog?

 It came about as a pleasant surprise and I was really thankful. Praise the Lord! They threw in a one-night stay at Studio M hotel which I am really excited about as I am planning to celebrate my birthday at the hotel. What a night!


Some high-quality indoor photoshoot shots which looked not too bad though I prefer outdoor photography.
Private dining at AMUSE restaurant! To my surprise, the restaurant is actually really small and it is more for private dining.


What a night! I won a lucky draw prize as well as the blogger award where I won a 1-night stay at Studio M and a ticket to a Spa beauty conference in Seoul with 2nights of free accommodation but it’s a pity that I can’t go so I decided to let other bloggers have it as a form of goodwill.


They also gave us a goodie bag with several of their products to try. I particularly like their Lavender Slimming oil which I’ve been using it daily since I was given a bottle of it.

I was also given a bottle of their Formula 2 capsules, a fat burning formula, which consists of a blend of natural herbs.


Have you tried it yet? There’s a lot of rave reviews about this product.


This 3D- mask has a unique design that fits snugly to the face. It’s highly moisturising and worth the try.


This is one of their latest products which they just brought it. It’s pretty good I must say! I am not too sure about its effects as of now but I really like the taste of it!

Many thanks to Expressions for taking me on this journey to become healthier and feeling more confident about my body.

What a night indeed!

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