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Body Wellness : Best Insomnia-No-More Massage – Feng

I used to think that massages are just pampering luxurious treats to help relieve tension and relax your body that is more of a ‘want’ than a ‘need’. So logically speaking, only busy and stressful working adults would need massages while relaxed and carefree individuals do not require massages. But do you know that massage therapy is a form of healing ritual which has started about 5000 years ago? It is a natural form of healing that has been practised by ancient civilisations to heal injuries, relieve pain and prevent illnesses. The benefits are not limited to just relieve stress but also to increase the wellness of your body.
That explains why I was here at Body Wellness a few days back to try their award-winning Feng massage which has clinched the Best Insomnia-no-more massage title in Women’s Weekly Spa Award 2015.
Body Wellness is housed on the basement floor of Winsland House I where I used to work at as an administrative staff for L’Oreal. It was once my dream to actually work in the beauty industry and I remember those days where I felt it was like a dream to enter L’Oreal offices to work, even if I was just given a mundane data-entry job to do.
Body Wellness is an all-female spa centre which has been serving their customers for almost two decades now. It’s one of the largest spa centres I’ve visited. It has 34 treatment rooms and 4 hydro-bath rooms. The interior design may look a little outdated but the whole place was well-maintained and clean. It would have been great though if they did a little revamp to add some sparkle to their spa centre.
The seating area is very spacious and it is really rare to find such large seating areas at spa centres for clients to sit on the couch and enjoy their tea while waiting for their spa treatment rooms to be ready.
It didn’t take too long before I was ushered to my treatment room which is named as ‘Lucca’ which is located closer to the showering area. It is in this treatment room where I got enjoy the Feng massage which consists of an hour long of massage followed by a body wrap with herbal spices to generate heat in the body to expel the wind trapped inside the body.
Feng massage would help improve blood and lymph circulation, enabling the body to strengthen its immunity, reduce muscle tension and aches as well as water retention. According to the therapist, this massage therapy is great for pregnant women and those individuals who often feel bloated due to the wind that is trapped their bodies.
I have to say that the therapists there looked really experienced and have probably worked in this industry for almost a decade. The spa therapist I was assigned too has more than 10 years of experience and her massage techniques is fantastic. She seems to know how much pressure I want and which part of my body needed more attention. She used lemongrass oil and massage it all over my body and very soon, I was counting sheep in my dreams.
After an hour of massage, she applied the spice paste which consisted a myriad of spices which I can’t recall everything but I do know that there is ginger in it. Then my body is wrapped up in a heated blanket with the spice paste still applied to my body. Within minutes, my body was already heated up! The spiciness from the herbs combined with the heat from the thermal blanket does get very unbearable for me after 15 minutes. But the therapist would check on me every five to ten minutes to make sure I was doing okay. When it reached the point where my sensory nerves are on fire, I decided to head over to the shower to wash it off. It felt so good! I felt lighter and definitely more energized (with the spicy-ness kickin’ in). I guess that is why it’s the Best Insomnia-No-More Massage? It melts away all the tension and so that you can have a good night rest. My skin still felt a slight tingling sensation after a bath but the sensation went away after 30 minutes or so.
My body is definitely expelling all the wind as I walked out of the spa – the wind that comes out only from one outlet – from the rear end.
It’s really an interesting spa treatment I must say and it’s pretty similar to the traditional Boreh spa treatments I did in Bali. Nevertheless, it is quite an experience to go through this therapy!
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Body Wellness
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