How to ‘Texturise’ Into Your Meals: Crunch it up


When it comes to meal creation, other than making it look appealing and ‘instagrammable’,  I like to play up the texture of the food. What really makes an outstanding and palatable dish is one that incorporates a good balance of textures and taste – soft, crunchy, rough, smooth and etc. Fried ice cream is made popular because it’s warm and crunchy on the outside and soft and cold on the inside.

Toying with this idea, let me show you how you can play with your food and add some textures to make it taste good and delicious.

A lot of the so-called ‘clean foods’ have a mild taste and a soft texture so I usually like to add a crunchy texture to the meals. And they are many ways of adding a healthy crunch – tossing a few roasted nuts, toasted seeds, chips and biscuits would do the trick.

This week, I was on a soup diet so I paired my soups with oven-baked circles by Bruschette Maretti.  It adds a European taste to my soup – turning my soup bowl up a notch and it looks extra delicious now. That’s how you get people to salivate over your food photos too.

Bruschette Maretti is available in four distinct flavours – Tomatoes, Olives & Oregano, Mixed Vegetables, Mushrooms & Cream and Pizza. These are flavours of European and it complements western-inspired dishes like salads and soups. 

Beware, readers. It can get super addictive because it’s so crunchy. Even when I dip it into soups, it still retains it’s crunch and does not get soggy.
These savoury snacks can be enjoyed as a mid-day snack alone. It comes in small bite-size so you can conveniently pop it into your mouth, saving all the savoury crumbs to yourself.

These oven-baked bread circles have been a great companion during my 7-day soup diet as it is very tasty and flavourful. I paired the Mushrooms & Cream flavoured ones with my mushroom soup to intensify the mushroom flavour. YUMS!

I also had it as a mid-day treat with tea. It’s a great snack to share with your friends while watching a movie over some wine or beer.

It is GMO-free, contains zero hydrogenated fats and has no artificial flavourings or preservatives. However, it contains monosodium glutamate. I was quite taken aback when I discovered that it actually does contain several other ingredients which make it less healthy than it seems. That’s my only qualms with these oven-baked bread circles. If they could further shorten the ingredient list and do away with MSG, I would give an extra thumbs up.


Otherwise, it’s a snack that you might want to enjoy it only in small amounts. Or you might want to explore making these bread circles by yourself at home! Baked thinly sliced baguette in the oven or dehydrator til crunchy. You can coat each slice thinly with some garlic and chopped basil leaves.


Have you tried these bread circles? How do you usually ‘crunch up’ your meals?  Do let me know in the comment box below.


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