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Miracle Healing by Our Lord, Saviour

At today’s Church service, there were several testimonies on healing that were being shared and it just goes to show that God is really the Almighty. His is the one and only God who breathes life into all living things and even has the power to heal us all. His Words are sharper and powerful than anything. So, how could anyone doubt Him? 
I wish I’ve accepted Him earlier. As a child, I knew about Christ, our Saviour but didn’t follow through. How wonderful would it be if your child today is under the wings of the Lord? When I have my own children next time, I will lift up my children to Him.
I am eternally grateful that I, too, experience miracle healing. Perhaps it was not as serious as those Cambodians in the video who suffered from serious illnesses. I had cysts on my neck which I discovered a year ago. It was like a 10-cent coin size cyst and I went for a checkup last year at National University of Singapore (NUH) but the doctor said that it could be just a sebaceous cyst and nothing serious. So I decided not to go for any surgery to remove it.
Then, just a couple of months back, I went for a facial treatment and the therapist applied lots of pressure to my neck area and tried to flatten out the cyst. It was painful that I thought it wouldn’t hurt much to do that. I was worried as the cyst has enlarged over the days and it had become redder each day. At the back of my head, I was wondering to myself if it was cancerous. I started praying especially on Sundays where we would partake the holy communion at church.
Who knows that the very next day, the cyst became swollen for days and the swell didn’t go away. I was referred to NUH after visiting the polyclinic and the doctor suggested that I could remove it a couple of months later after the cyst becomes less inflamed. 
Guess what? It has only been a month since and now, by God’s grace, the cyst is gone.
Top: Taken on 16 February 2016,  Below: Taken on 24 April 2016
You couldn’t argue that perhaps the massage has flattened the sebaceous cyst but anything could have happened and the only one in control is God, our Lord Saviour. I’ve never experienced anything like that and to know that I’m still healthy and alive, I am grateful to the Lord.

Praise the Lord!

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