NEW ZEALAND @ Food and Hotel Asia 2016

I wouldn’t make a trip down to the East, from one end of Singapore to the other, if it weren’t for Food and Hotel Asia 2016 which proves to be one of the most exciting events for those in the food and beverage industries! Most of the people were probably consumers too and they were just about as excited as the traders who are probably visiting exhibits and fishing out for business opportunities. 

I didn’t know that it was such a huge affair til I went there and there were throngs of people ‘flowing in and out’. Yes, FLOWING! It’s a continuous flow of people streaming into the exhibition halls and there were ten of them! I even met a friend there – hi, Janice! 

There must be a mountain of ‘honey and milk’ found in the halls that attracted so many people from all walks of life to this event. I started exploring Hall 6 first as I was there to check out the New Zealand booths which showcase some of newly-launched Kiwi products. 

NZ products are known for their use of high-quality natural and fresh ingredients because of its large agricultural land that supports farming. New Zealand’s pristine environment, dedication to freshness and world-leading safety standards have also put its fresh produce, dairy, meat and wine at the top of chef and foodie shopping lists across Asia Pacific. Just imagine – it would be so awesome living there when you have access to natural and fresh food all the time!

In fact, New Zealand has a reputation as a trusted supplier of high quality and safe food to consumers in New Zealand and more than 100 other countries in the world! Their food production system ensures  high safety food standard in the food, such as meat, dairy, seafood and horticultural products and beverages which are protected from contamination. 

At the event itself, I got to watch a cooking demonstration by Chef Brendon Partridge who is executive chef at the 5-star J.W. Marriott Hano. He showed how all these kiwi products can come together to prepare a wide range of Asian and international dishes. We had a taste of his creations too!

I was there at New Zealand organized by New Zealand Trade and Entreprise. It’s one of those countries which I’ve yet to visit. Perhaps a farm stay in New Zealand sometime this year?
Our first stop was Culley’sNew Zealand’s largest hot sauce manufacturer with innovative, award-winning product such as their signature Kiwi Hot Sauce with kiwi fruit. I didn’t get to try that one but I manage to sample their Sriracha, Chipotle, Green Chili and other hot spicy sauces. There’s one hot sauce that tasted very peppery but it was so ‘shiok’! I’m a spice lover by nature.

Next up, we have Genevieve’s which offers fresh dressings stored in packs, seafood mousse, and parfait. 
I really like their concoctions of salad dressings which are slightly watery in texture but full of flavour and punch. Wish I had brought home some packs of these actually!
Next, Chef Brendon takes the stage as he started to whip up some amazing mouth-watering dishes.
Cooked apples from Rockit Apple!
Scallops! I haven’t eaten fresh scallops for a long time ever since I stopped by my vegetarian diet. New Zealand seafood are harvested from clean waters around their 15,000 kilometres of coastline. And these sea creatures dwell in NZ’s pristine environment so I bet they must be really happy living in New Zealand waters that their meat tasted so sweet.
Meatballs…oh meatballs! Do you know that New Zealand meat has been found to have excellent levels of fatty acids and cholesterol as well asl low levels of intramuscular fat? It sounds rather healthy to me as look as it is not processed meat. 
These part cooked meatballs are from ANZCO foods. Though their meat comes in frozen packs, once thawed and cooked, it tasted as delicious as that fresh meat.
Apple crepes, anyone?
I’m not an alcoholic person and I don’t drink but I decided to try this Buttery Nipple which was served during the cooking demo because it looks interesting. It is a twisted shot that has butterscotch and vanilla in it. It tasted very buttery but delicious. 
Finally, we had pancakes from Van Dyck Fine Foods Limited. They produce ready-made frozen pancakes, crepes, mini pancakes, blinis and griddle bread.
These Rockit apples are high-quality miniature apples packaged in a novel tube for convenience and hygiene. They are prewashed and has a distinctive bright red skin. It is as small as a golf ball and it’s perfect for making apple chips because of its flesh has this fantastic crisp crunch to it. 
Heard of Sheep Milk gelato? I was told that Sheep milk gelato is one ‘food bomb’ that would explode your taste buds but I didn’t get to try it during the fair. What a pity!

Hello, hello! The New Zealand Dessert Company Limited stole my heart with their Frozen Cheesecake and Chilled Individual dessert pots. They actually nailed it with their strawberry cheesecake and  Coconut & Chia snack pots!
This dairy free dessert contains only whole seeds, real fruit, and prebiotics. They mixed raw chia seeds with coconut milk based yoghurt and layered them on top of poached rhubarb and raspberry.
That is how my breakfast should look like – fresh and wholesome.
I really need to make a trip to New Zealand soon!
Taylor Pass Honey Co Ltd. sweetened our day with their Sweet nature honey that comes in different natural flavours.
I’ve seen Charlie’s in our supermarkets but I never knew there were Kiwi. Hi, Charlie!
I like that their juices are thick and very appetizing. The spirulina does not taste very ‘green’ or ‘grassy’ at all. 
This is my favourite booth by far! It’s Ceres organics which offers certified organic range of products from their apple cider vinegar, quinoa rice pasta to plant-strong protein. These are the foods which you will get to find in my pantry and also these are the very foods which I believe can provide our body with precious nutrients.  Their rice bites are super yummy and you can eat them like potato chips or biscuits!
They carry a whole range of products from pasta, protein powder to nut butter! AMAZING!
To clear my palette for another round of food sampling, I had to taste the sweet crisp fresh water from Naturally Pure New Zealand. The water is sourced in the South island of New Zealand.
To end it all, I settled for some vanilla ice cream from New Zealand Natural which offers premium New Zealand ice cream made with fresh milk and cream. It contains no artificial colourings or flavorings.
What a fruitful day at Food and Hotel Asia 2016! This event is held biannually and I can’t wait for it to happen in another two years time. I wish I had more time to visit all the exhibition halls which I heard that they served REAL food in generous portions! SEE YOU AGAIN!
Many thanks to New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and Edelman for hosting me!

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