Pulse @ Virgin Active : Light Up the Dance Floor

Source: Virgin Active 
People are really getting creative with the type of group fitness classes. Lately, there’s this new class that was just launched at Virgin Active Singapore called Pulse. It is powered by Clubbercise® which is one of the biggest dance fitness concepts to hit the fitness industry. It combines clubbing with exercise minus the alcohol. I mean, that would really be cool if some day clubs can introduce dance fitness classes so that people can have some clean fun.
Pulse is pretty much like Zumba except that the dance is held in the dark and you have to hold on to the glow sticks as you move. The music differs too. It is a combination of 90’s classics (disco songs) and today’s chart-toppers so it is a good mix of music.
I was there to try out Pulse with other Virgin Active fitness member in Singapore last Wednesday evening. It’s been a while ever since I last visited Virgin Active which was a couple of years back. 
Lights off and glow sticks up.


It was fun, almost like you are in a club scene with all these glowing lights but if I can’t really see the instructor quite clearly. This is especially so if you are standing all the way to the back. I still prefer dancing under bright lights but for those of you night owls and party-goers, you might find this exhilarating.
The energy level was high but I felt that the workout intensity for me is still rather low. Yes, it isn’t tiring for me enough because going to the gym for me is to sweat it out. If I don’t sweat, then there’s no point for me to hit the gym.
Nevertheless, it is a creative way to attract party-goers to the gym dance floor to sweat it out and get a good exercise for a healthier body and mind.
Watch this video below to see what a Pulse class like.

Virgin Active Raffles Place
One Raffles Place
Tower 2, Level 6
Singapore 048616

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