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Recipe: Vegan Stir-fried Sriracha Tofu Miracle Noodles

Have you ever heard of Miracle Noodles?

I discovered this amazing zero-calorie noodles a year ago but I wasn’t sure if it was worth buying as a small packet of the Miracle Noodles cost about SGD 4, enough for one serving. I just knew that I wanted to try it somehow so finally, I bought it from iHerb!

Using some of the ingredients I brought back from Food and Hotel Asia 2016, I created this dish which turns out to be unexpectedly good.

The Ingredients

1 packet of Miracle Noodles (Angel Hair)
Tofu (Pressed) (1 square)
Shitake Mushroom
Chopped onions
Yellow bell pepper
Soya sauce
Black pepper
Chopped Chinese coriander
Sriracha sauce (Culley’s)
White sesame seeds
Seaweed seasoning

Ingredients: Water, glucomannan (fibre), calcium additive.

The Miracle noodle, if you haven’t heard of, is a zero calorie Shirataki pasta which is made from a Konjac. It is thin, translucent, gelatinous traditional Japanese noodle which has been around since the  ancient times. 

There is a certain way to prepare these noodles but I just kinda of did it my way. What I simply did was to drain out the water from the noodles and then rinse it with water. Then I just simply toss it in the pan to stir-fry with other ingredients.

It’s gluten free, soy free and cholesterol free.

The noodles actually have this unpleasant fishy smell which I thought it might ruin the taste of my dish later but it turns out fine. I guess all the other ingredients have successfully masked the unpleasant taste of the noodles.

How to cook

After draining the noodles, I went to the chopping up and prepared all the ingredients I need.

This will take about less than 20 minutes to prepare including preparation time if you are fast enough. Firstly, I fry the onions than garlic as onions take a little longer time to caramelise. Then I would toss in the ingredients which will take a longer time to cook like mushrooms and bell pepper. As my mum would say, there’s a certain formula and tips which the Chinese would cook it through years of experience. But I sometimes I prefer to experiment for myself and see if it works best for me. In a way, when I cook, I apply my own logic. And no one taught me how except if you considered the scoldings I received from my mum when she would correct me on the spot.

After adding in the mushrooms, tofu and bell pepper, I toss in the miracle noodles and then drizzle some soy sauce over.  Thankfully, the noodles didn’t stick together when fried so everything works out pretty well.

Lastly, I added black pepper and some sriracha sauce to season the noodles. Then I plate everything up and topped it up with chopped coriander and scallions. I wanted to further spice up the dish so I drizzled more sriracha sauce and sprinkle some sesame seeds on top.

It turns out to be really delicious. It’s piping hot and spicy altogether. It’s almost like eating Phad Thai   except that it lacked this egg flavour. It would have been even more delicious if you can fry it with some eggs.

Have you tried eating Shirataki noodles?
Let me know if you have tried this recipe!

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