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Soothing Facials @ Theresa : Magic Peel Treatment

Read about my previous blog entry on Theresa Beauty: Diamond Crystalline Therapy Treatment here. Following the treatment, I went for three sessions of the Magic Peel Treatment facial to remove all the dead skin cells which reveals a smoother and unclogged skin.
This facial is a deep exfoliation with an intense firming and whitening effect through the use of AHA (6%), preparator lotion and enzyme mask. This form of chemical peeling is milder than those perform in aesthetic clinics. All the steps rely on the use of products to promote this peeling treatment. 

The 6% AHA  fluid exfoliatesmoisturizesfirms and whitens skinwhile boosting its natural regeneration process. It doesn’t produce any discomfort to my skin except a slight tingling sensation which wears off after quickly. 

Then, a preparator lotion is used. It is actually a regulatory cleansing lotion with 5% AHAIt deeply cleanses the skin while at the same time removing excess oiliness and dirt. It also regulates the skin’s pH for deeper and faster penetration of the active ingredients.

Last but not least is the enzyme mask which is left on the skin for about 5 to 10 minutes. It is less harsh as compared to other chemical peel substances and it is a good alternative for those with acne or sensitive skin. 

The whole treatment lasted for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The Magic Peel treatment itself takes place before the extraction step. And what comes after the extraction is the facial massage which I thoroughly enjoy. Their beauty therapists would often spend a little more time on doing a facial and shoulder massage as Mdm Theresa herself often enjoys massages. Thus, she would train her therapists to give good facial and shoulder massages to her clients as well.

My therapist spent a good ten minutes to massage my facial muscles and stiff shoulder. So if you enjoy facial massages, Theresa could be your go-to-beauty salons for relaxinf facials.

My skin always felt so much cleaner and smoother right after the treatment. This treatment is a good alternative to chemical peels as such mild treatment peels that uses fruit acids are much gentler on the skin and it is good to have such exfoliating treatments once every two to three months to promote skin cell renewal. 

A good skin starts with a good foundation – fresh and healthy new skin cells. 

Reveal your true inner beauty starts right here!

Theresa Beauty 


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