The Gallery Experience: KNOCKOUT!

Source: Mandarin Gallery
I was knocked out in this fancy sparkly disco-themed room in Mandarin Gallery. Besides hanging out at the mall for some brunch, try working out here at Mandarin Gallery, where unconventional spaces both indoors and outdoors of the mall will be transformed into Instagram-worthy backdrops for the perfect photo opportunity.
I was there last Saturday to try out the Rock Boxing session at Mandarin Gallery’s third edition of The Gallery Experience : KNOCKOUT!It is part of the series of pop-up events featuring workouts such as HIIT (High-Intensive Interval Training), Flow Yoga and Boxing.
It is nothing like one of those regular group classes at the gyms because these classes have a fun element infused in it.


At the Rock Boxing session, we wrapped our hands with the Muay Thai hand wraps and rumbled our way through as we went through a series of circuit training and did rounds of combat moves. The space there is really cool, except that it’s rather small and difficult to contain so many people at one time. 
After the Rock Boxing class, they had HIIT and flow yoga classes which are all open to the public to join for free. 
Remember to include an hour of the workout after the cafe and shopping marathon at Orchard! I might have lost stamina after not exercising so intensively as before, but I am definitely going to be back on track now that there are so many fitness classes and events happening in town!
Source: Mandarin Gallery 

The Gallery Experience series of events are free for the public to sign up, based on a first- come-first-serve availability. All that is required of you is to check out Mandarin Gallery’s social media platforms and register online.
Stay tuned for the next Gallery Experience! 

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