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The Life-Changing Pillow

We spent almost 6 to 8 hours a day on our beds and it is the only time our physical bodies get to rest while our inner body systems repairs and regenerate new body tissues while we were all dreaming in Lala land. That is why I invested in good bedding – purchasing high-quality mattresses and even bedsheets to ensure that I feel well-rested each time I wake up from bed. As for pillows, I got those average-priced ones that fill soft and fluffy but over time, the pillow loses its shape and form. And I have learnt that I should actually get slightly harder pillows which will get softer over time.
And then came along this life-changing pillow by Active Hive which they called it the Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow. I used to think that such pillows are for the older people like my Dad who is suffering from old-aged related illnesses but after trying this pillow, I am convinced that this is how a perfect pillow should be made.
It might not seem as fluffy as those feather-filled pillows or the ones which 5-star hotels used but rather, it is quite hard and firm which needed some getting used to at first. However, the shape of the pillow really helps to keep the neck and spine aligned at an optimum angle, following the natural curve of my neck and the spine. On the first night of using the Makura pillow, I remembered that I fell right into a deep sleep within minutes and woke up the next morning with all the tension melted away from my body. I actually almost couldn’t wake up because I just wanted to lie down in bed with my head resting on the Makura pillow – that’s the most comfortable position ever.
I figured that all along I must have been sleeping in an ‘unnatural’ position that sometimes resulted in knots in my night and sleepless nights. The quality of sleep has definitely improved with this pillow that contains special capsules.
Key Benefits of Active Hive’s Makura Health and Neck Support Pillow:
  • Better air circulation and heat dissipation
  • Pillow retains its height and does not change shape
  • Adjustment of the pillow height can be done by adding or removing capsules
  • Hygienic and allergy-safe
  • Relieves neck and shoulder pain
  • Machine washable with washing net (no dryer needed)
The capsules trapped air and since air is a poor conductor of heat, there is less heat retention in the pillow. It makes it a little cooler to sleep on it when the weather is exceptionally hot.
The height of the pillow can actually be adjusted by removing or adding more capsules so that you can have the most comfortable neck and head position. Just talk to the friendly staff at Active Hive, and they will render more assistance on this.
This pillow is 100% allergy-safe without any risks to those with sensitive skin or dust allergies. Also, it can be easily washed when contained in a washing net and placed in the washing machine to wash and spin dry. You can then leave it to air dry. It should try up pretty fast. However, do not user a dryer though!
Active Hive’s Makura Health and Neck Support pillow have really improved my sleep quality. I find myself having no difficulty in falling asleep and experienced reduced uninterrupted sleep. Having a good night’s sleep gives a boost to the overall health. While asleep, your body’s fat burning abilities actually increase so if you want to achieve a healthy weight, you got to sleep more. I’m trying hard to clock in at least 7 hours of sleep every day. And when I clock in 9 hours of good quality sleep, I felt like superwoman the next morning.
The pillow comes with a pillow cover which has a nice slight gold sheen to it.
See those capsules hidden in the pillow? You can press it with your fingers but the capsules will revert back to this original shape.
The pillow is light, unlike those neck support pillows which are heavy. It probably contains a lot of beans or buckwheat in it that adds a lot of weight the pillow. But the Makura pillow is rather light and soft because the capsules itself are hollow.
I recommend getting one of these pillows if especially if you have neck and shoulder problems or suffering from insomnia. This is a great start to kick off your healthy lifestyle.
The Makura Health and Neck SupportPillow retails at $188, available at Active Hive and online
( )
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Not suitable for pregnant ladies or those with implants in their bodies.

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