The Souper Diet Launch Party @ The Soup Spoon, Suntec City

As I enjoyed the previous event organised by The Soup Spoon, I decided to sign up again, but this time, we have to pay for a ticket to join their launch party. Since it was only a rather small fee of $10 plus you get to bring back a goodie bag, I thought it was quite worth it. In addition, I really wanted to find out what the Souper Diet is all about.

The Super Diet Launch Party

Based on Chef Anna’s Instagram post, it definitely seems like a soup diet where you replace your meals with soups from The Soup Spoon. To be really honest, it doesn’t even sound like a weight-loss diet at all because you are basically drinking soups that wholesome, delicious and has a lot of ingredients in it. Except that maybe it’s healthier in a sense it contains less salt and oil.  

The Souper Diet Launch Party The Soup Spoon

The menu for that night was three small bowls of soup, a small bowl of salad and a drink. We were feeling really full after drinking two bowls of the soup which contain a lot of chunky ingredients. It was very filling, indeed!  

The Souper Diet Launch Party The Soup Spoon Salads

There were crossword puzzle quiz and lucky draw held during the event, but that night which made the event a little less dull. And the crowd is definitely smaller than the previous event I’ve attended.  

Tangy Tomato and Roasted Pumpkin

The Souper Diet Launch Party The Soup Spoon

The first soup served was Tangy Tomato and Roasted pumpkin! This happens to be my favourite and I never thought that we could actually mix the two of them together because it tasted absolutely appetising, just the way I want my soup to taste – a little spicy and creamy, but not too overpowering.   

Khao Soi Chicken Curry

The Souper Diet Launch Party The Soup Spoon

Khao Soi Chicken Curry had definitely got my taste buds kicking! It’s so delicious and I really like the Thai curry flavour. It is so different from those Indian curries I’ve eaten since childhood. It has a stronger coconut taste and it is even more flavourful than Indian curries with all those Thai spices which are added to the soup.  

SG Chicken and Mushroom Ragout

The Souper Diet Launch Party The Soup Spoon

SG Chicken and Mushroom Ragout was delicious too, but I didn’t find it as memorable as Khao Soi Chicken Curry which I can still somewhat taste it on my tongue as I started looking back at the event I attended two weeks ago.   During the event, they also invited Chef Anna, the founder of The Soup Spoon and her friends who shared their testimonials after trying out The Souper Diet. They have purportedly lost weight during the 30-Day Souper Diet but not as much as Chef Anna herself, who reduced by two pants sizes ever since I last saw her a few months back.   

The Soup Spoon Take-Home Soup Packs

I guess drinking soups from The Soup Spoon packs does help you to focus on eating wholesome meals and avoid eating processed food or snacks. If I were to be on this diet, I might shed a couple of kilos. However, when it comes to the actual nutritional content of it, I am not quite sure if it is a well-balanced meal as all the soup packs from microwavable and can be kept for almost a week without spoilage. Thus, we aren’t exactly eating fresh foods here and I am unsure of the sodium content as it can be quite high in savoury soups. But it would be interesting to go on this diet if there’s a chance to test it out.   

Beauty Collagen Stew

The Souper Diet Launch Party The Soup Spoon beauty collage stew

After the whole event, we brought home a goodie bag each. That’s the whole point of the event right? The happiness lasts up all the way till you reach home to unearth all the goodies.   

Each of us receives a packet of Beauty Collagen Stew by The Soup Spoon which is one of the best selling soups as mentioned by SouperChef Anna. It is indeed very delicious and the broth is good.   

How to heat up the soup packs?

The Souper Diet Launch Party The Soup Spoon beauty collage stew

You can choose to microwave it or heat it up in a pot. I am not quite keen on using the microwave to heat up my food after learning how much harm microwave can have on our bodies. So, I heat it up in a pot and it didn’t take too long before the soup was heated.  

The Soup Spoon beauty collage stew

You can keep the soup pack for about a week. And it is very convenient to grab a pack from The Soup Spoon store and heat it up just before dinner to enjoy it. Sometimes cooking a pot of soup can take hours and buying such soup spoons may seem like an easier option. However, I doubt if the nutritional value would be the same for the soup pack when compared to freshly-made soups.  

My Verdict

The Soup Spoon beauty collage stew

No doubt, the beauty collagen stew was exceptional. The light and milky broth are delicious and they’re so much wholesome ingredients in it. There’s like chicken, melon, sea cucumber, carrot, sea zucchini, barley and a whole lot more of other ingredients. They used a lot of vegetables and other natural ingredients to season the soup.   

I can only finish half of the packet for lunch because all the chunky ingredients fill up the stomach easily. Soups are somewhat similar to juice. Our bodies can digest soups easily too.  

It makes dieting pretty easy if you wanted to try their Souper Diet. But if you are on this diet, I suggest that you add some fresh fruits and salads in your diet. Because drinking soup alone for 30 days might not be able to supplement your body with sufficient vitamins and minerals which are often found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides, during the process of boiling, some of the nutrients may get chemically transformed into another substance.      

Launch Party The Soup Spoon beauty collage stew

Would you give The Souper Diet a try? Let me know.

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