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Wilkhahn : How You Can Dance IN Your Chair

It was one of those unique events I was invited to where I met people who worked from different industries. They were people from the design industry. This is what makes blogging fun – having a peek of what others are working as and making connections with them.
And talking about fun…Wilkhahn introduced to me how having fun is like in an office. They are the ones who have managed to combine work and play in offices. Their workspace concept, ‘Office in Motion’, is a perfect amalgamation of work, fitness and play.
Fitness? Yes. Wilkhahn encourages you to move – stretch, bend and dance – while you work.
Wilkhahn is a leading German manufacturer and designer of world-renowned ergonomic office furniture. It offers high-quality office and dynamic conference furniture and they have just unveiled their new flagship showroom in Singapore.
To show how their products work, they acted out scenarios to showcase the functions of their products. How creative! We all had a great laugh to some of their short acts. It is almost like watching a commercial rolling out live, right in front of your eyes. It would be awesome to have someone to video it and put it on YouTube.
We also have a tour of their new office at Seng Kee Building where they showcased iconic pieces from their extensive range of furniture for a healthier workspace that are ergonomic and convertible.
Wilkhahn’s new showroom also has innovative pieces such as the IN and ON office chairs and the elegant Graph conference chair that has appeared in several Hollywood movies and popular television drama series to date!
Their products can all be customised- from its material, texture to colour, you can pick what you like that fits your lifestyle and personality.
There were two lucky winners from the media who walked away with Wilkhahn chairs! They must be so darn lucky to have such comfortable office chairs to sit on. I wouldn’t have to lie on my bed with my laptop while blogging anymore if I own a Wilkhahn office chair.
Wilkhahn‘s new showroom space doubles up as a meeting area for local designers to discuss about their work and collaborate over a hot cup of coffee or tea, on-the-house. Its premises have been set up as fully functional work spaces complete with free WiFi. And you can have a feel what it is like to work in the original “Office in Motion”.


Their design can be described as simple, minimalistic, modern and chic. And their chairs are all very sleek-looking and doesn’t take up much space. Unlike other expensive office chairs out there, Wilkhahn’s chairs are less bulky-looking, but yet very comfortable to sit on. It is a well-cushioned chair that supports a good sitting posture.

IN Chair

Conventional office chairs are often quite stiff and doesn’t allow for dynamic movement. Even for myself, I wouldn’t have thought that a chair can actually have the ability to encourage movement until I was introduced to Wilkhahn’s IN chair. It follows the body’s movement in any direction and it literally feels like it’s part of your body, stuck closely to your flesh. You can practically dance with your bum on the chair, leaning on one side of the chair to the other, moving to the rhythm of the music. Man, can my dear bosses invest in such chairs too? I will work really hard for you, I promise.
Photo credit: Wilkhahn
Watch the video on IN chair right here and be amaze by how its Trimension technology is making this office chair as fun as those spring riders you see in the playground.
For the first time in my life, I never knew that chairs could be that interesting!


These chairs are called Stitz which provides support and relaxation while standing. It is like one of those bar stools placed in bars and cafes, except that the height of the round seat is adjustable. The Stitz is also pretty stable as it doesn’t topple as easily. These are the ‘dancing’ stools where you can hop on the seat, just like a child exploring the uses of the chair. Life’s a playground after all.
There is another chair called the Stand-up which I didn’t manage to take a photo of it (but I’ve got a product image of it!) as I was too engrossed in sitting and playing with the colourful Stand-ups. This dynamic three-legged chair that allows hips to move, can store items such as markers, notebooks and pens. It felt almost like you are sitting on a BOSU ball where you can move and flex your hips. I had a good hip stretch while sitting on it. I call this the modern day chair yoga. Woohoo!


Photo credit: Wilkhahn
The Stand-up resembles the shape of an ice-cream cone and its tapered shape gives it a tilt, making it fun to move your bum about to give your tight hips a little stretch. It has an optional carry-on strap so you can bring it everywhere. It’s no different from your backpack. This could work in places where you need to queue for long hours. 
Even their tables have a unique design – from its table legs to the cut-out sections in the table top. There are charging stations integrated into the table top too.  All these innovations in design would make a positive impact on the way people communicate and interact. It appears to be rather insignificant at times, but such small changes can have a direct effect on our work efficacy. 

Confair Foldable Table

And this product, my friend, is not just a regular whiteboard. It is the Confair foldable table which can also be used as a whiteboard. I can totally see how cool it would be to have this at my office because during our meetings, we would usually write down our discussion points and ideas on large sheets of white paper and pinned them up on the flip chart board. With this Confair foldable table, I can now write on the table itself and then fold it back to a chart board to present my ideas. It saves space and more importantly, trees. Talking about being eco-friendly!
After exploring their work space, we were treated to some lovely food from The LoKal.
That’s it folks. I was certainly intrigued by how much creativity can transform a common everyday object to something really cool. This world is crazily fascinating.

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