AVEDA INVATI for Women and Men : Solution to Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

If your hair receives sufficient nourishment it should be getting each day, you will have a luscious, thick and full healthy hair that would dazzle under the sun. As I get to understand the physiology of our hair through hair experts and research, I find that these days we jus need to put a little more effort in maintaining our tresses as our hair is constantly exposed to harsh environmental conditions which can weaken our hair. Internally, our biological systems could also be acting up under high-stress levels and thus causing problems in our hair and skin.
You are not alone. I, too, felt that my lifestyle habits, lately, have caused breakouts in my skin and thinning of the hair. Occasionally, I would go for scalp treatments and did hair and scalp analysis every now and then to check the condition of my hair. It often showed that my hair growth is somewhat slower and the new baby hair that sprouted from the hair pores were very fine and thin.

At this point, I guess what I really need right now is to use products that would treat my current hair condition. I no longer use hair products sold at the drugstores and I tend to choose products of brands which supports the green cause as they tend to use more natural ingredients in their products. I’ve been using Aveda’s products for quite some time now and I really like their herb-scented formulas which contain a good dose of naturally-derived plant extracts that are so gentle to my hair and scalp.

It was so timely that they has just released the new INVATI Thickening Intensive conditioner which was just what I needed to boost thicker and fuller hair growth and at the same time, reduce hair loss. This product is a new addition to their family of Invati system products and I so glad that I was able to try it as it not only keeps my hair soft but also reduces hair loss and strengthens my hair too.

Why it actually works?

The Invati Thickening Intensive Conditioner contains soy protein and naturally derived amino acids
which mimics hair’s building blocks to help thicken hair from within while a blend of certified organic plant oils and shea butter helps provide intense nourishment and conditioning.
It also contains other vegetable-derived emollients like certified organic kukui seed oil and organic coconut oil to further soften and nourish the hair. 
Each Aveda product has this signature herbal scent which is both calming and soothing to the senses. There’s no exception to this product either which smells like a forest. Its aroma is a luxurious, uplifting blend of organic essential oils including lavender, rosemary, ylang-ylang, geranium, myrtle, and thyme. 
Conditioners are designed to be used after shampooing but what I like to do is to use it as a hair treatment cream and leave it on my dry hair for about 15 minutes or so before I washed it off. I felt that the product gets absorbs into my hair faster when it is applied to dry hair. It turned out to be softer and easy to manage after each wash. I have dry hair no more! 
Sometimes, I just skip using the hair nourishing treatment cream I have because this conditioner itself intensely conditions the hair from within.

InvatiTM Thickening Intensive Conditioner ( $49 / 200ml) is now available in all Aveda Experience Centres at Capitol Piazza, Ngee Ann City, and TANGS at Tang Plaza, and Aveda Salons and Spas.


Look at that thick and creamy formula! It smells heavenly too.

Aveda cares for the other half of the population too. They have launched INVATI MenTM Solutions for Thinning Hair this may! It’s a birth of a new generation of Aveda’s hair products for men and I got my brothers to try it.

I also use some of the products on my own hair and scalp too. Who says it’s just for men too? INVATI men can be used by both women and men but of course, the product is customised to suit the hair physiology of men. But nevertheless, there’s no harm trying it if you are a woman which have the word, ‘men’ inside you.

So be it.


Even though INVATI men is formulated for those with thinning hair, it will also work great for those who wants a thicker and fuller hair. Who doesn’t wants more hair volume anyway?

It turns out well for my two brothers who are pretty lazy when it comes to grooming. We know it best when it comes to men. They just want it to be quick, fuss-free and efficient. Thus, Aveda has designed this easy two-step system that only requires you to exfoliate the scalp with Invati Men TM Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo and nourish the scalp with Invati Men TM Scalp Revitalize.


Step 1: Exfoliate

INVATI MenTM Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo

“A healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.”

This nourishing shampoo exfoliates and refreshes the scalp while conditioning to help strengthen thinning hair. It almost like a 2-in-1 type of shampoo that cleanses and conditions the hair at the same time.  The wintergreen-derived salicylic acid in the product helps remove build-up and excess sebum which can clog pores.


Step 2: Thicken and Invigorate
Invati MenTM Scalp Revitalizer leave-in treatment
” Feed your roots.”

This scalp revitalizer  instantly thickens hair at the root, while helping keep the hair you have longer.
 When massaged in, it invigorates the scalp with the potent blend of plant actives and increases microcirculation in the scalp. 
 Apply once daily, every day, directly to the scalp.

The Invati Men aroma contains a refreshing blend of essential oils including certified organic cedarwood and fir and other pure plant essences.

Verdict: My brother likes the shampoo a lot because right now, he can skip the conditioner altogether. The shampoo does not lather up as it is more of a scalp than hair shampoo and focuses mainly on cleansing and exfoliating of the scalp. There is less flakiness on the scalp now that pores on the scalp are unclogged with the products.
As for me,  I have been using this product to alternate days for two weeks by now and I am more impressed with the scalp revitalizer which almost function like a hair tonic. There aren’t many products for the scalp in the market and emphasize on using scalp products these days when the health of our scalps are of utmost importance. 
Without a well-nourished and fertilized soil, how can a plant sprout and grow well? The answer lies in nature and Aveda is merely tapping on this abundance of nourishing ingredients from the earth to help us to look healthy and live blissfully. 
Aveda Invati MenTM Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo ($57) and Invati MenTM Scalp Revitalizer ($112) will be available beginning April 28, 2016, in Aveda Experience Centers at Capitol Piazza, Ngee Ann City and TANGS at Tang Plaza, and Aveda Salons and Spas.

For more information, visit Aveda.com

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