BiOrigine : Slimming and Detox Organic Tea For A Flatter Tummy

Sometimes when your belly looks big, it could be due to bloatedness rather than the build-up of fats. I experience bloatedness when I eat foods that are high in sodium or MSG. I also experience tummy bloating whenever I am having my periods. Those are the days where I would feel lousy as I look heavier than my actual weight and clothes on me didn’t look as great. 
A great way to debloat is to drink lots of water to flush out or to sip on hot tea that reduce bloating in the tummy. Both methods worked well for me especially detox tea like BiOrigine’s Mon Programme Ventre Plat tea that helps you achieve a flatter tummy. 
This organic tea hails all the way from France and contains 100% organic ingredients which make this a great natural herb tea to boost health. 
They called it ‘My Belly Buster Programme’ that helps you achieve a flatter tummy at the end of 15 days with 30 sachets of tea infusion. You would have to drink 2 cups of tea per day, one in the morning and the other in the evening. 
Jour Tea
This is a morning boost tea where you drink it during the day. It has a special formulation of verbena, mint and sweet orange created to energise the body.  It boosts metabolic rate and digestion.
This tea is to drink before meals in the morning. 
Nuit tea
It contains green tea and mint. The Nuit or ‘night’ tea is to be drunk before you sleep; after your meals.This tea really helps to make you feel less bloated especially.
Green tea really debloats your tummy and aids digestion after a heavy meal so I like to drink it before I sleep.
This simple herbal concoction of tea using organic ingredients really works. I noticed the difference when I miss out the evening tea during the course of 15 days. This tea is almost like a life saver because it helps to reduce water retention in the body too and every morning I wake up feeling lighter.
Though there is no obvious weight loss, but I felt that this tea helps to curb appetite and prevents weight gain. It is perfect for those who is maintaining a healthy weight. 
I could drink this almost every day as a health tea. It’s definitely more than just a slimming or detox tea for sure.
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