Born Again, Speaking in God’s Language

Yesterday marked a special day for me as I was born again in the name of Jesus Christ. I went for baptism yesterday and the most extraordinary thing happen which I am about to reveal it right here.
Everything was still fresh in my mind so I knew that I had to blog about it right away before I forget all the emotions and thoughts that went through my mind yesterday during baptism.
I have been attending New Creation since 3 of January this year which means I’ve been attending this church for at least 3 months now on a regular basis. I felt the call and the need to baptise because I just felt that it is natural for me to do so since I already believed in Jesus Christ. At the same time, I wanted to declare it publicly which is what baptism is all about.
I was tempted to sign up earlier in March but I thought I could give myself some time to think about it seriously before signing up for it. When the next baptism event was up, I knew that I had to sign up for it straight. I did not even hesitate about whether I should sign up or not. Immediately, I completed the online form and submit to the New Creation website. My placement was confirmed on the spot. Technology really does wonders.
The first person I informed was my boyfriend Sam and then my parents who were puzzled at why I wanted to get myself baptized so quickly. I knew in my heart that I was no stranger to God and the Bible of truths.
At a very young age, I was already sent to Christian holiday camps by my mother who thought that it would be worthwhile sending me for such camps which were held at the ACS family of schools around our area. In addition, both of my brothers were from ACS which is a Christian school. Thus, I was already exposed to the Christian values and biblical stories at a very young age. To me, God and Jesus were an approachable friend and I remembered praying to God to let Him speak to me but I sensed nothing so I thought that maybe I am not favoured by God.
To cut the long story short, I didn’t really know what Christ is until the start of this year, after attending New Creation Chuch when I had this revelation from God that I am so greatly loved by Him.
It was easy to backslide as a Christian back then because the doubts I had about Jesus and Christ is still left unaddressed. The previous churches I’ve attended were quite traditional and they followed the laws or commandments in the bible strictly. I knew that God is gracious and wouldn’t impose laws on us just so that we can be saved. True indeed, we are dead to the law when our saviour, Jesus Christ came.
“So, my brothers and sisters, you also died to the law through the body of Christ, that you might belong to another, to him who was raised from the dead, in order that we might bear fruit for God.” – Romans 7:4

God is so much more than just law! He is a gracious and loving God which I’ve come to know over the past couple of months. Naturally, I just wanted to be baptized and declare publicly that I am now born again.
So when there is a baptism session organized again, I signed up immediately and it was scheduled just 10 days right after my birthday. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!
Below are some shots were taken during my baptism. I thought it was just going to be a simple ceremony but apparently, it’s quite a significant celebration where people actually brought their friends and family along. There is an hour long of song worship and a short baptism class by the Pastor who expounded on the significance of baptism. He also led us into prayers and at one point in time, he asked us to open up our mouths and speak in tongues.
There was this wave of anxiousness that washes over me when I heard that we have to speak in tongues. I have been praying for this gift to God for quite some time now but I never knew how to acquire it till the other day where the Pastor shared that we just need to open up our mouths in faith then the sound will come up. So I just kept talking to God at that very instant that I would like to give it a try and that I believe in Him. I kept praying that I’ve ALREADY had that ability to speak in tongues and told God that I gladly accepted this gift. As my head was bombarded with these positive thoughts, I felt that my mouth is starting to tremble. I am not sure if I tremble out of nervousness or it was just the holy spirit that was filling me up at that very moment.
“Whatever it is God, I am just going to open my mouth and speak. I’ve received your gift to allow me to speak in tongues. I’m taking this leap of faith and whatever that comes out of my mouth, would be honorable to you, Lord.”
Miraculously, when I opened my mouth as Pastor gave the signal for us to break out in tongues, I started to stutter. It sounds like gibberish and I started lifting up my hands higher, as I allow the holy spirit to wash over me.
I wasn’t possessed as some would say that speaking in tongues is like being possessed by some spirit because you are highly aware of your surroundings and you have 100% control over your body and mouth.
A few precious seconds after, I felt as if I was crying out for God. It felt like I was reconciled with God and I started to cry. It wasn’t tears of sadness but tears of joy for being in this close relationship with our Heavenly Father. The force and power come in waves as it washes over me and it felt good! Tears flowed out non-stop even though I tried to control it, telling myself that there isn’t a need to cry. Perhaps I was touched by the presence of God.
I had no doubt about it that I was speaking in tongues because my mouth was just moving on its own even when my mouth is slightly opened. I do not understand what I was praying about but I knew that I was crying out for the Lord in a very powerful way, calling upon him for help.
After all the prayers, we waited for our turns to get baptised. It was raining! But they still carried on as it wasn’t that heavy, just a light shower. The church staff was very efficient in carrying out the whole ceremony.
We walked up to the pool at Level 3, placed our belongings on the side and head up straight to the pool. We slowly lowered ourselves into the pool and then a pastor will ask us if we believe in Christ.
Then he would gently push our heads down as we lifted up our hands and kneel down on the ground of the pool.
Thereafter is a joyous celebration among all where the church members would cheer and clap loudly as the baptism is done upon you. Once I got out of the pool, I changed into a new set of dry clothes and went to the photo booth area to take pictures with my bae and a colleague who was also there!
Later that day, I had moments where I just wanted to speak in tongues as I was so excited about receiving this special gift from God. I think this beautiful language needs to be practised. However as the days went by, it is harder for me to speak in tongues as freely as I want. I might need to pray and meditate before I can really focus and let myself filled with the holy spirit.
I truly believe that God is a giving God. He wants to give if you ask for it. I used to think that only the chosen Christians can speak in tongues but now I come to know that our Father is a gracious one who constantly provides and is never stingy. All we need is to have faith, even if it is as small as a mustard seed, it can move mountains.

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