Contact Lenses from Mr.Lens : Coloured Contacts Haul

Ever did a contact lens haul where you bought like boxes of affordable contact lenses online? I enjoyed some really special deals at MrLens, an online contact lens store from Malaysia. This is where you can get really affordable prices for various brands of contact lenses.
I am still thinking if I should do LASIK but probably not at the current moment as wearing contacts is convenient and safe nowadays and it is fun to put on coloured contacts too. Recently, I prefer wearing 1-day disposable lenses too because daily contact lenses, in general, are getting more and more affordable. It’s also more comfortable to wear a fresh pair of lenses every day. However, I don’t wear contact lenses on a daily basis so I prefer to go for dailies.
The website itself is easy to navigate and you can buy contact lenses instantly and have it delivered it to you. If you need it urgently, you can opt for a fast delivery which would be delivered right to your doorstep within a couple of days.
Here’s what my recent lens haul from Mr.Lens!
I bought the ACUVUE®DEFINE™with lacreon which is the newest series of 1-Day disposable lenses by Acuvue. Acuvue has been always this trusted brand of contact lenses which I’ve been using every now and then. The lenses adhere better to the eyeball as compared to other brands of lenses.
The 1-DAY ACUVUE®DEFINE™ did not dissappoint me! My vision became sharper after wearing it and it fits nicely to my eyeball. I literally feel like I wasn’t wearing any contact lenses at all. It is ultra comfortable and moist due the Lacreon technology which provides a moisture cushion for up to 20 hours.
I got the ones in Natural Shine and vivid style. I’m trying the natural shine one currently and it looks very natural on the eyes as it blends well with my pupil unlike some coloured lenses which make your pupils look unnaturally dilated and it looked so obvious that you are wearing cosmetic lenses.
It did make the eyes looked a little more sparkly but I can’t really see the dark grey limbal ring and glittering shine gold at the rim of the lenses. It didn’t quite show through though it would be really nice if there’s some hints of gold and sparkle in your eyes.
1-DAY ACUVUE®DEFINE™ in vivid style has a brown limbal ring which makes your eyes appeared lighter in colour. It is very natural-looking and can be worn on a daily basis just to enhance your eyes so that it looks more sparkly too.
There are 30 pieces in each box and I bought 4 boxes of Acuvue lenses as my left eye power is different from my right eye. 
I also book some coloured lenses from FreshLook which is another favourite brand of coloured contact lenses. Their coloured lenses have a more obvious colour which is noticeable even from a distance. So if you want a more prominent eye colour, you should get FreshLook lenses. It might not seem as natural but at lease it’s more noticeable and it is great if you want to play up your looks. The colours available are pretty bold too.
There are 7 lenses in each box only though. I got the ColourBlend in Pure Hazel. I might want to try bolder colours and see how I look with these cosmetic lenses. 
Do you have a favourite brand of coloured contacts?

Check out Mr Lens website right here!

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